10 comments on “An award, for me? Aww, shucks…

  1. Boom! You are really rocking the blog-a-sphere dude. As always a great read and excellent inspiration for my own blog… one day I will make it public. :)I have to disagree with you about Gambit though… While yes the pink is a little ridiculous, I always remembered him in black with the classic trench coat. I would say that it is a toss up in my opinion between Electro and Superman when it comes to the lame costume category.Oh and one more thing… Hulk FTW of course!

  2. Thx Brett, appreciate the feedback and support. Oh he always rocked the trenchcoat, which i dig as well. But the one-piece body suit?Ha! Now Electro i can almost buy – he's pretty off kilter and his goals involve menacing society. But at the same time, Max Dillon had to have at least a moment where he got suited up, looked in the mirror and thought "this looks ridiculous." But then he sucked it up, got over it, and went out there to terrorize society with his vast electrical manipulation powers.Supes, hey – he's a fellow Cleveland native so he gets a pass on the "undies on the outside" schtick. Plus, every fanboy knows it's okay for him because it's authentic Kryptonian garb.And yes, of course i agree with you on the Hulk. Spent the better part of the afternoon reading various opinions and speculation on that fight. Fiery arguments on both sides of the fence. i looked at it from the point of view of "they're in a shared universe and have to battle to the death." Once you start adding variables like "if Bruce Banner had Kryptonite," "if this was Golden Age Superman," and so forth, the thread is lost. At that point, it's in the realm of "depends on the plot of the story and who's writing it for which company."

  3. I hate to say it, but Superman wins. In senconds. He is faster. Waaaay faster and really, really, ridiculously strong(too Zoolander?). Blindside super-uppercut and the Hulkster is on a one way trip to outer space. Fight over in a tenth of a second. Not that that is all I got from this Blog. Big time woot woot to you, Doug. You deserve all the praise and more.Also, '90s Daredevil armor was the worst outfit. Or Speedball. So hard to choose.

  4. To your points, Dan, i offer this response:Superman's strength is finite, while Hulk is essentially limitless. And second, if he could do that so easily, how come Doomsday killed him?Most of the question revolves around if either or both were to really cut loose. If so…i still put my money on the Green Goliath. But, to each their own of course! Thx Dan!

  5. how did Doomsday beat Superman? The story was poorly written and dumb. I don't really care for Superman but while the Hulk may eventually overpower Supes with enough back and forth, Superman is more than strong enough to knock the hulk into orbit faster than the hulk even register Supe's movements. And the faster something moves the more dense it becomes, so if Supes was traveling a quarter the speed of light when he hit the hulk, the hulk would likely splatter like that dude in Robo-cop.

  6. Ah! A great discussion to be sure. i love me a good comics debate and this is one of the all time greats.If that were true, then the Flash could achieve a similar result, seeing as how his speed approaches that of light. The Hulk is resistant to most forms of injury or damage. The extent varies between interpretations, but he has withstood the equivalent of solar temperatures, nuclear explosions, and planet-shattering impacts.Keep in mind we're still talking about TWO massive powerhouses here. I agree with you that a full-on Supes punch would not go unnoticed. By that same token, Hulk has overcome beings such as Onslaught, taken shots from Galactus and held up mountain ranges that dwarf the Andes. Supes has overcome beings like Darkseid and Imperiex.They're both of them at nigh-incalcuable power levels. What you're suggesting is that it would be a no contest almost? Neither is invincible or unbeatable. The battle would rock the planet literally. The only one-punch in comics is Batman vs. Guy Gardner, 'natch.

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