4 comments on “Well…that was a shock.

  1. The perfect start to an early weekend… Epic Green on Wednesday to… (no spoiler for Doug’s next post although I am sure the DDO savvy know where that last screenie leads to) but lets just say there is another notch of the ol’ quarterstaff… a red notch! Special thanks to Sacred Flame Guardians for the impromptu invite and a blast of a night.

    Love the FFI well pic btw. LOL makes me feel old thinking back on all the games I have played from then till now… never mind the 6+ years of DDO storing in my backpack!

    All this, and I can’t wait for the new ex-pack coming out! So much loot so little time.

    As always, you must’ve drank another potion of Superior Blog Writing +5… keep it up man!

    Oh yeah!! GEN CON 2013!! what what?!

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