3 comments on “The Best of the Worst, part 1

  1. Ozzy Osbourne… Hell yeah! Lets bite the heads off of some bats!
    Ozzy Newsome… Some ol’ skool C-town Brownie pigskin action for sure…
    Ozymandias? who? LOL

    Black Adam; another “who”, for me at least, but I can overlook that because he imagery alone cries bad @$$. When they do the movie, I can easily see Dwayne Johnson picking up this part.

    The Jug is cool. Still if my vote was going out for an X-Men foe… well I will just wait for the next part of the list to comment on my choice pick of adversary AND prolly the ultimate “bad” guy ever!

    I like Deathstroke… but… and this is a BIG but… no not that kind of butt… but then again I like big butts… I can not lie and all you other… LOL. “Arrow” TV series… Deathstroke… awesome… nuff said.

    And as for Kang… really?! I am by no means putting him down or anything villian-wise… but to be completely honest, he looks like a doof. I could never get past that aspect of him… yeah yeah yeah, i know… but i think Gambit looks cool? Meh, to each their own I suppose!

    Really looking forward to catching the tail of this round to see who you end up putting in the number one spot. Great read as always! Thanks

    See you in Eberron shortly

  2. Wow pretty astute Brett – there is/was talk of The Rock in that role years ago. Ozymandias – shows you the power a single line of dialogue can hold.
    This is actually really difficult – way more than the good guys. Other than maybe one or two villains, i couldn’t tell you but maybe one story i know more than a little about each of them. But i am a freak about looking things up on line, and admiring artwork, so i’ve read a lot about all of them.
    Frankly, i am surprised to find how many of them are most interesting to me because i built Vs decks around them.

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