Tempus Fugit

Time: the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.

That’s just one of over a dozen different definitions of time.  Strange concept, time.  Philosophers and scientists (are they all that different?) have some contrasting views of time.  One is that time, as a dimension of sequential events, is a fundamental part of the universe as we know it.  Another is that it’s a fundamental part of human intellect that we use to compare events along a sequence.

That second view will make anyone interested in time travel unhappy.  If time is neither an event nor a thing, but an intellectual construct, then it cannot by traveled.

Right now i’m thinking about time, and how i’d like some more of it.  If time is indeed a part of our structured universe, then it must be able to be manipulated in some way.  That brings up a lot of interesting ideas.  Time travel, as mentioned above, is one.  Beyond that though, maybe it is possible for other forms of energy to transform into some sort of chronal energy?  If so, i certainly would like to do that today.  That way i’d have more time right now to explore the fascinating concept of time.  As it is, time is short and other duties demand what there is left of it today.
At any rate, i believe a thanks is in order, to you.  Here you are, with the same amount of time in your day as everyone else, and the sequential events of your day include stopping here to read about time, however briefly.  i wish that i had more time to share with you.  But alas, as it is relative, i have relatively little time remaining to head out the door to work.
Time…fug’ it.

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