We Don’t All Dress the Same

Space, part 2

Since space is theoretically limitless, i don’t think anyone will begrudge me a second installment about it.  Even the space here on the Internet is essentially without limit so no worries there.  Time, on the other hand, is a factor here, as i have to move myself through space a short time from now.

i watched Prometheus last night, and found it to be a really great film.  My only criticism is that, like a lot of sci-fi prequels, there’s that weird situation where the events that happen earlier in time are so much more advanced looking.  Alien, et.al, was gritty, with scruffy, ragged characters and equipment.  But here in the prequel everything is clean and much more hi-tech looking.  Also, how come they were able to land the ship on the planet here, but in Alien they had to use those dropships?  Continuity, people!

Maybe in the 83 years between Prometheus and Alien things went to pot.  Perhaps we’ll find out in the prequel sequels.
Anyway, pretty frickin’ good movie.  i really liked the David character played by Michael Fassbender.  While watching it i started thinking he was villainous, but had to keep reminding myself he’s a robot.  His actions seem full of deception and so forth, but really he’s just following his programming and maintaining pretty standard scientific perspectives.
There’s so many cool things about space and science and fiction.  A few years ago i got really into Philip K. Dick and other sci-fi novels of that era.  It is fascinating and creepy how much of what they wrote about is true today, in some form or another.  Often, their outlook on a grim future is actually tame by today’s comparison.  Ever read Simulacron-3 by Daniel F. Galouye?  There’s a movie based on that book called The Thirteenth Floor too.  Anyway, it’s basically about how a virtual world is developed primarily for marketing research.  Sounds kind of familiar huh?  How about Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said by Dick.  One of the central themes there is that, if your identity is removed for the system, do you really exist anymore?
i’d like to think that our future will be more Roddenberry-esque utopian.  As a matter of fact, Star Trek to this day is one of the few examples of a sci-fi future that is not dystopian.  And yet, so much of our technology is rooted in that franchise.  i saw a documentary a few years ago about that.  It was a good example of how science fiction informs science fact.  A lot of young people who grew up watching those shows became engineers and scientists because they wanted to make what they saw a reality.

i also wanted to mention something in support of my previous post in regards to Earth’s place of importance in the universe.  A friend and i were talking years ago about why in fiction, Earth is always in danger but also the place where threats are vanquished.  It is our contention that it lies in our diversity.  In most works of fiction involving extraterrestrial civilizations, they are shown to be more advanced and superior to us.  And yet, or maybe because of this, everyone in their culture wears identical or nearly identical outfits.  But here on Earth, we all have our own style.  Sure there are military uniforms and regional styles, but the point was that not everyone on the planet dresses alike.  We came up with a great line based on this phenomenon too.  At the climax of the story, when the alien threat realizes us humans are going to win, they’ll wonder aloud how this could possibly be.  And our hero will proudly exclaim:

“Because this is Earth, and we don’t all dress the same.”
<please don’t steal that line>
Well, crap.  Looks like time is running short today.  i may revisit “Space” again.  There’s certainly no shortage of it.  Before i go today though, i’ll leave you with some pics and vids about space that i think are cool.  Maybe you will also.
Until later, different time, same space…

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