What is This Thing? A Fuse? An Oil Lamp?

Art Contest!
i don’t recall where this image comes from.  i came across it years and years ago and for whatever reason it spoke to me on some deep level.  It’s been transferred from computer to computer, on flash drives and whatnot and it’s starting to degrade a little bit.  If i increase the size it’s way too pixelated.  Basically it’s getting to the point where it will be largely unusable.
So my challenge, or request depending on how you look at it, to you is thus: recreate this image digitally for me.  i don’t care if it is the same colors or style or whatever.  The elements i enjoy the most and consider essential are: the suit, the raised index finger, and the head that is a fuse/lantern/lightbulb/whatever-the-hell-that-thing-is (by the way – what is that?  anyone know?).
i can’t really offer any prize to you but if you need incentive, tell you what: i will make a gallery here of all the images i get and showcase them.  in that regard, please include your name/identity with whatever you send me so i can make sure to properly attribute you.
that’s it!  i guess it’s not really a “contest” per se, but that did cleverly draw you in didn’t it?  thank you in advance to any artists out there who can help me out.  i’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
email picture files to me here: doug.vehovec@gmail.com

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