Destiny: a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency.

If this keeps up, i’m going to start having to fork over 10% to my buddy Brett.  This time around for pointing me towards a new opportunity to tap away for your reading pleasure:


The message accompanying this pic i received via text: “Hmm… If only I knew a budding journalist major that also did blogs in his spare time…”

The good news?  If this does segue into an agent-style relationship, then it’s win-win for me; 10% of nothing is zero.  And it gives me another reason to sit on my bum and play my favorite instrument – the Qwerty.  Maybe i can write off a luxurious new desk chair as a work expense…

So anyway, i followed the links provided and not only did i discover a great new blog to follow in Even Now, i had one of those full-circle moments when the other link led to DDO Gamer, authored by Geoff Hanna.  His name was instantly familiar to me because of his many entertaining and informative posts about his halfling characters, which i recall scoring for info when i first built my beloved Schir Gold toon a few years ago.


Schir Gold, surrounded by her namesake.  Clever, no?

Okay, so until i figure out how to create a DDO-centric area of The Long Shot, the main page here will just have to suffice.  Staying on topic has not been my strong suit, as anyone who has been here before is no doubt aware.  Although, that being said, i did hear about the nicest compliment i could think of today, when someone said to me “i didn’t understand most of what you write about, but i just kept reading anyway because it was fun and funny.”  i can certainly live with that!

Going forward, i’ll try to keep my DDO musings focused on smaller topics, and right now i’d like to rave about one of the features included with the Menace of the Underdark xpack from June 2012: Epic Destiny!

Classic D&D arch-villain Lolth – creepy spider goddess

Epic destinies are what happens when you leave the “Heroic” levels 1-20 behind, and reach a new tier of adventuring called, not surprisingly, Epic.  It is at this point that your characters are no longer just another Wizard, Bard, Paladin, or what-have-you.  i mean, they are, but now we’re delving into superhero-esque territory.  Side note: that jives nicely with another great passion of mine you’ve no doubt noticed.

Whereas in the Heroic tier, you’re constrained by more-or-less mundane mechanics as spell points (blue bar), class-granted abilities, and so forth, Epic Destinies start bestowing strange new powers on your character.  And as a player who rarely makes choices based strictly on optimized power level, i am not embarrassed to tell you that all it took was “when you tumble, you will phase out from reality briefly,” to lock in my attention on the Magister destiny for Schir.  i can faintly hear the groans of power gamers now: you put max ranks in Tumble?  You didn’t choose Draconic Incarnation?  You’re not working towards Shiradi Champion?

Yes – i don’t care what you say, forward flips are cool.  Phasing out from reality while doing so?  Uber-cool.  No – artificers are interested in the science of magic, not the mystical mumbo-jumbo.  And no – tea with the fey queen gets in the way of research.

All that aside though, Wrongside and i were positively geeking out last night while exploring the destiny tree more in-depth.  Yeah yeah yeah, i know – it’s been around almost a year already.  Give us a break – we’re not the most diligent grinders, and as such a ride on the TR train takes a while!  Personally, i started down the Magister path right away last summer, and only recently reached the point where i had access again.  And Wrongside just took his first dip in the ED pool a few days ago (Exalted Angel).

For the last week or so, both of us have been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the neat new things we could do.  And that was before either of us even noticed we had earned a Fate Point.  So now, if we put in some work on other destinies, we can mix and match up to 3 powers from outside our active destiny.  This is why i liken it to superheroics, because at this point you’re basically giving your character their own unique set of super powers.  And since we both just realized we can switch our active destiny at will because we’d reached a certain level in our first one…cue the geek out moment.

“Dude, look at this one!”  “OMG check out that Shadowdancer Tier 3 ability!”  “If i twist this one and that one in…”

You get the idea.  As if we needed another DDO topic to wax intellectual about all day at work.  i wonder if any curious eavesdropping gamers in the lunchroom have discovered DDO yet?  You’re welcome, Turbine.

With all this talk of destiny, i feel compelled by an irresistible force to do some gaming.

Thanks for visiting, and see you in Eberron!

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  1. By and by, this game is always amazing me. From the hours I have pouring into build research out of game on the forums to yet another run through the Shroud for some GS mats, it lets my imagination run just run free and wild. Wrongside has definitely earned his place as my all time favorite alter-ego. All thanks to Turbine for making an old skool DnD gamer’s dream come true by making the best MMO (imho) & to Doug for introducing it all to me oh so long ago.

    Great read as always Schir! So this begs the question… what’s next? Water Works revisited? Candid Crafting in Cannith? Or perhaps, Wargs… what are they good for? (absolutely nothing, of course!)

    *By the way, you need to keep hounding me, a la Xy’zzy, for those screen shots I have. I took a couple more of our recent ventures.

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