Well…that was a shock.

Breaking tradition here at the Long Shot for a quick recount of last night’s adventure.  After running a couple of lowbie quests with an alt i created to a) group with a friend until our alts reach his main toon’s level – and then get him in range of me and Wrongside’s mains and b) sorta “re-train” said friend on some basic foundations so he can maximize the potential of his main, it was time for Schir and Wrongside to do some serious questing.

We’d planned to continue muscling through the exciting flagging for Caught in the Web so we could have chance to get our greedy hands on the loot we’ve been eyeing, but as i was making my way through the quaint village of Eveningstar, and raking in the plat via some Greater Heroism-induced super haggling at the brokers on the town square, i noticed the heretofore neglected cliche of many an RPG – the town water well.

Every RPG’er knows – you’ve gotta check those wells!

Always up for something new, we both agreed it was worth investigating.  What’s the worst that could happen?  According to the quest-giving dwarf keeping vigil over the town’s water supply, an unknown source has been poisoning the H2O and, of course, they need our help to put the kibosh on what he believes to be a nefarious plot.  Pretty standard stuff.

Brimming with the confidence of two first-time epic toons for whom the XP has been flowing like mead, we’re like “Epic Hard?  Yeah, no problem.”  The pair of Onyx Panthers were summoned just for fluff (i.e. meatshields).  Cautiously creeping down the cavern, we spot a pack of Mudmen and make short work of them.  Then we start running into Yuan-ti.  i’m not going to lie – those slithering serpents gave us a spot of trouble at first.  Unfortunately for me, they all seem to have Evasion, which helps them immensely to dodge all the lightning being slung around.  Unfortunately for them, both Wrongside and Schir are packing Energy Drain and insta-kills, and on top of that it seems they have trouble dodging a Meteor Swarm.

After adjusting tactics a bit, we continue to roll along until we reach an obvious Point of No Return.  There is a shrine there, and DM narration suggests that who- or whatever is feeding poison into the reservoir is close at hand.  Ever the impulsive squishy guy, i float down the hole.  i land and start looking around and do the digital equivalent of a double take.

“Whoa!  So that’s what’s poisoning the well?!  Makes sense.”

“What is it?”  i hear over the voice chat.

“You’ll see…”


Okay, so my screenshot taking skills need some work.

Naturally, we could feel the dragonfear from where we were cringing in the little alcove, unsure if we were up to the challenge.  After a few moments making sure we applied every possible buff, i drop a haste on us and we charge the reptilian beast.  Thank goodness for Wind Dance and Leap of Faith, is all i gotta say.  The pair of kitties went down in about 2 seconds flat, leaving Wrongside stuck making sure i didn’t get squashed while i flew around like a madman throwing everything i had at this monster.  And you know what?  He went from this…

Big, bad, scaly, and mean

…to this…


They really ought to make dragon carcasses last a little longer before fading away.

And at the end of the day i’m one Flawless Green Dragon Scale, and a night of fantastic fun, richer.  Now, it’s getting pretty late which seems to be a theme around here lately.  When i started tapping away earlier tonight, i really did intend to flesh this out a bit more and tout the terrific duoing skills Wrongside and i have been developing.  Instead, i received a frantic text message call to arms that could not be ignored.  What could be so important that i would leave you high and dry without a standard many-thousands-of-words-long epic extravaganza?  i’ll give you a little hint: it’s something i’ve been waiting 7 years to do.  This seems to be a week for fulfilling some long-term geeky goals.

Here’s a visual teaser of one that i’ll share with you later this week…


No, it’s not acquisition of another bank slot…although i did get that too.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. The perfect start to an early weekend… Epic Green on Wednesday to… (no spoiler for Doug’s next post although I am sure the DDO savvy know where that last screenie leads to) but lets just say there is another notch of the ol’ quarterstaff… a red notch! Special thanks to Sacred Flame Guardians for the impromptu invite and a blast of a night.

    Love the FFI well pic btw. LOL makes me feel old thinking back on all the games I have played from then till now… never mind the 6+ years of DDO storing in my backpack!

    All this, and I can’t wait for the new ex-pack coming out! So much loot so little time.

    As always, you must’ve drank another potion of Superior Blog Writing +5… keep it up man!

    Oh yeah!! GEN CON 2013!! what what?!

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