Epic Update

Schir Gold has found wyrm blood to be an insatiable taste.  Way more than i mentioned before, i feel like the Monster Manual contains a collapsed portable hole where there ought to be dragons.  Seriously!  The awesome bunch of guys in Sacred Flame Guardians have been running Wrongside and i ragged in the quest for scales/loot/flagging and the trump of them all – fun.


A horde, devoid of it’s draconic guardian courtesy of SFG

In the last week, let’s see…we ran another EH Vault of Night (what was i scared about all these years?), Don’t Drink the Water – first time running with an Epic Monk…yowza, and EH Tor (two?  three?  i lost count).  Plus a jaunt through the Gianthold for another green dragon.  So that’s like, what, 9-12 of the great beasts?  My head is spinning underneath my Minos Legens (haven’t pulled the Epic Blue Dragon Helm yet).

Earlier tonight, SFG had a hearty laugh at my expense thanks to my rolling-for-loot naivete.  Our erstwhile guide to all things high level: Abbigaal/Celleste/Reikenn/Boeregard was dual-boxing and we were all rolling for his alt’s loot.  Slow on the uptake as i am wont to be, i see Wrongside win the roll so i pass all my good stuff to him – a couple of Flawless Black Dragon Scales.  As it turns out, the proper protocol there is we were rolling to see who got the alt’s chest pulls.  What do i know?  i didn’t want to be a jerk.  All this raiding and Epic what-have-you is new to me so i figured someone would just get really lucky on each chest.  On top of that, i know Wrongside is looking to upgrade to a Flawless Black Dragon Docent; if i could help him get there, why not?

That being said, his current PDK docent looks incredibly killer, especially with whatever he does that makes him look thus:


Made out of light?!

i can’t tell you how relieved i was to learn he was supposed to look like that.  At first, when i turned around i thought “what the heck is that?  some kinda super Animated Armor?”  No, it’s Wrongside.  Uh-oh – my monitor just went wonky.  Turns out it’s some Destiny thingie he has now.

Speaking of which, i got a chance to run Caught in the Web that i’ve been slavering over since laying my eyes on Twilight and Sireth.  Boeregard – a fire savant in full-on red dragon gear – led us through that one.  Another awesome looking toon.  i’m starting to change my tune when it comes to what i’ve decided are aesthetic displeasing Warforged all these years.  Once you start slapping some cool looking armor and helms on them, they’re pretty frickin’ sweet looking.  Additionally, since i’ve gotten so much more involved with the guild and grouping in general, i’ve come to realize that it’s not so important to me anymore what my character looks like.  Don’t get me wrong – i’m vain and i want my virtual adventurer to look perfect.  But when you’re running through these crazy quests with friends, it’s more about their real life personalities and the fun we have chatting and stuff, and i don’t really have time to get caught up on staring at my little dude like i did when i was a pretty strict soloist.


Yo Demon Queen!  i’m coming for your phat lootz.  Consider yourself on notice.

Caught in the Web was insane.  It was quite a challenge to keep up, both in terms of DPS and just literally keeping up with the party that rolled through this thing.  Boeregard was great, doling out sound advice and tons of fiery hurt.  And huge props to Rette, our bard who led Ana through the Demon Web.  It was his first time too, and he did terrific.


Success!  Nevermind what that ice mephit and Wrongside are up to…

We made it!  What a blast.  i was so caught up in it (pun intended) that i really didn’t have time to think too critically about it, but talking afterwards i will agree with Onigem in that it’s a bit anticlimactic to battle your way through this tough quest…and then watch from the sidelines while the NPC fights the BBEG.  But hey – sometimes being the hero means letting the little guy have a victory too.  Besides, she’s like the avatar of Mystra or something, right?  If the Sage of Shadowdale can stand there and be content, who am i to argue?

And the chests!!  Once the sea of adventurers ebbed a little and i saw them all spread out there, i couldn’t believe it.  Never seen that many chests in one place before.  Surely, the loot i sought would be contained therein.  But alas, no.  i was really happy to pull a Pinion though.  Not for me, but guildie Onigem, who’d mentioned it several times that night.  It was my pleasure to pass it on to him and i’m looking forward to seeing it in action.  Other than that, it was a lotta dimp.

Oh!  i almost forgot – my pipedream of the air savant melee sorcerer crystallized a little more watching Bo in action with his Draconic Incarnation Destiny.  i did not realize all the different things available there.  The energy sheath, added energy effects…and wings!  Not just any old wings though – it’s actually a flyby attack.  So, yeah.  Once i get my hands on Sireth, i think it might be time to TR…and maybe even try life as a Warforged.  Before i do that though, i’d like to bring another toon up to 20 so i can still run the Epic stuff.  And to that end, i rolled a monk the other night.  Can you say confusing?  Wow, that’s going to be a trip.


i’d like to think i’m a bit of a bard, as it were.  Maybe?  Just a little?  Not the Bard.  i’ll settle for the lowercase.


  1. Ice Mephit… earning its title of companion 🙂

    Ugh… I wanna TR so badly but I too need to bring up another toon to 20… my fear is that I still wont have Celestia by the time I do.

  2. 🙂 The “made out of light” thing is Exalted Angel innate tier 5: Ascendance. I use it sometimes, but I do find the shininess to be a bit annoying – to myself that is. Doesn’t bother me in the same way when others use it. 🙂

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