No Internet Blues

A few days away from Eberron can sure feel like an eternity, after the serious hours i’ve put in lately running Epic stuff with the guild.  This was moving week, and while i’ve experienced some of the more restful nights of sleep lately, the evening leading up to slumber has been pretty darn boring without any Internet access.  So just in case no one understood how much of a geek i am, there’s a bit of proof for you.  Someday i’ll regale you with my intramural basketball story and then you’ll really know for sure.

Anyway, here i am siphoning some free wifi at my favorite cafe.  It’s a terrific location even if their product leaves a lot to be desired.  Or, as a recent facebook interaction went down, wherein they urged fans to vote for the establishment as the “best coffee shop in Willoughby, and the best coffee,” i asked for clarifcation – are those two different categories?  Because it’s definitely my favorite coffee shop.

But i digress.  This is tagged in the DDO category afterall.  But without much playtime or nifty screenshots to share, instead i have only a single night’s adventures to recall and a new Long Shot project to tease.

Monday night is raid night for Sacred Flame Guardians on Sarlona.  And since my air savant Schir Gold is crackling with Epic power these days, as you know from previous posts i’ve been running lots of Epic Hard content including raids the likes of which i’d not experienced in the tenure of my DDO career (that spans about 7 years now).  So…yeah.  It’s been an exciting time of new content, new loot, and new friends.

Unfortunately, i made the noob (newb?) mistake of not turning in my completion of VON last week after my second-ever run (wherein i received a whole fat lotta nothin’ in the epic chest; still had fun though).  Snagging screenies from orbit led to a re-entry freefall, a trip to the Fatespinner, and a falling-asleep-at-the-wheel late night logout.  It wasn’t until about mid-day Monday when i realized i never ran back to Barrow to let her know the Plane of Night was liberated from the great wyrm Velah.  Sorry to leave you hanging, House K.

Thankfully my guildmates were all cool about my amateur mistake.  When i jumped on to get raid ready on Monday, they were just about to do some dragon-hunting in the Tor and invited me along for some fun and loot (and the extra chance for gear pulls i imagine). Shot a quick text to Wrongside in case he wanted to join, and i was off.

First we tackled the black dragon.  We had to beat it down twice, because my DOT killed the poor beast before his giantish companion fell.  But it was no biggie and we defeated the pair of them.  Nothing of note in the chest.

Next up, the white dragon.  Snickety-snack and we’re rummaging through his hoard in about 2 minutes flat.  No Intricate Field Optics for anyone.  *sigh*

Finally, the blue dragon and his punishing trapped treasure room. This battle went surprisingly smooth and we raced down the hall to check those chests…and success!  Reikenn managed to pull that Blue Dragon Helm he’s been searching for.

And, of course, we all got scales aplenty.  i’m really thinking warforged might be the way to go for me on subsequent TR’s, if only because docents make it so much simpler.  i don’t know though…still on the fence about those living constructs.  Convince me, non-fleshies!

Following our time in the Tor, we went through the typical “what do you guys want to do next?” situation.


“How about Caught in the Web?”

You could tell by the lack of enthusiastic – or any – response that these were not top priority choices for any one at the time.

“High Road?”

“I could do that?”   “Yeah, sure.”  “I haven’t done that in a while…”

It was settled then – High Road it is.  Wrongside and i had just a few days prior made some tentative footsteps into the wilderness area and had a blast.  The relatively newer open areas like this, King’s Forest, Underdark, and re-tooled Gianthold are really terrific in my opinion.  i love the little pop-up random quests that you stumble onto, and the breadth of the places is wonderful.  This environments really speak to the PnP gamer in me, where just getting to the adventure can be an adventure in and of itself.  On a side note, ever get so caught up having wilderness area fun that you wind up skipping the quests?  Me too.  But not this night.  i get the feeling that in a way, Wrongside and i helped rekindle some spark of fun for our guildmates that have run this stuff so many times before.  They get to see things from our perspective a bit as first-timers and i’m happy it reminds them how much fun it can be.

Running the Netherese Legacy was also cool for me, because there are a few pieces of gear i’ve had my eye on, like the Wizard’s Ward, Shadowmail,  Nether Grasps, and Treads of Falling Shadow.

We ran each of the quests on Epic Hard.  Now, i don’t know if it was the experience of my mates, a magic combo of class contributions, my naivete regarding my own power, or all of those things and more, but these quests were pretty easy.  i mean, we practically steamrolled through all of them without missing a beat.  Unfortunately, the loot gods turned a blind eye towards me that night and i didn’t pull anything of note (i.e. named loot – yeah i’m a label whore).  At the end of it all i choose the base model Nether Grasps for my reward.  Wrongside picked up Forgotten Light, and he is excited to someday dual-wield it alongside the coveted Celestia from CitW.  He also pulled a nice Glaciation Wizard’s Ward that he passed to Reikenn.

And that was the last i’ve played.  Needless to say, i am champing at the bit for some DDO action!  In the meantime, i’ve been theorycrafting a new character and planning for the future of The Long Shot.

Oh!  And i was super stoked to check out the DDO Chronicle this week and see the Community Spotlight shining right here on the Long Shot!  That was really awesome.  Along with that, a mention and terrific compliment on the latest DDOCast episode 280, a gracious comment from Gamer Geoff, and a pending press pass to Gen Con Indy, i am convinced that focusing on DDO here at the site is a major plus.  What could be better than playing a game i love, then writing about it and interacting with the awesome DDO community?  If my metrics are any indication, DDO seems to be the ticket to punch for whatever audience i’ve got, too.

To that end, i’ve got a special segment planned for The Long Shot that i’ll tell more about in the near future.  i’ll give you a hint about it here though: it combines my Journalism studies with DDO.

Also coming up, i’ve got an interview with a firmly established gamer and all around great guy that i can’t wait to share with y’all.

And once i get me some Internet, i’m looking forward to updating this post with some eye candy and links as well.  And, of course, some gaming!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thankfully, you posted this because here I sit in the Internet-less apartment and now I at least have something to read on my iPhone. Only a couple more hours to go hopefully? By the time you get back from work there should definitely be some World Wide Web streaming through the new abode.

    It was really cool to see that you were mentioned on DDOcast as well! Nice job and congrats.

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