Volume 1, Issue 2

KORTHOS, Shargon’s Teeth – If the villagers of Korthos didn’t already have enough to worry about – with their tropical island transformed into a wintry wasteland under the curse of a white dragon – a recent rash of nocturnal kidnappings points to escalating aggressions from the Cult of the Devourer.

The already small population of the remote fishing village continues to dwindle.  And for every villager that goes missing, the cult devoted to worship of the Sovereign of Wave and Whelm grows in strength.  Kidnap victims that are not sacrificed to this dark deity are instead indoctrinated, their will subverted to serve the whims of their sahuagin masters.

“These sahaugin, these fish people – they weren’t so aggressive before,” said Gunhild Myrheim, a fisher by trade.  “I can’t even come close to the shore, let alone fish.”


Gunhild Myrheim

The concentrated efforts of the cult, comprised of both the indigenous aquatic sahaugin and their human subjects, has so far prevented the locals – as well as those stranded here by dragon attacks – from leaving the island.  In fact, the gate leading from the village to the island interior has been under lock and key for months.  Efforts to overcome the cult’s incursions are coordinated by Sigmund Bauerson, proprietor of the Wavecrest Tavern, and his numerous children.

One of his children, Kaja Bauerdatter, keeps vigil at the village’s crypt.  She believes that clues to the cult’s activities can be found within, and urges adventuresome passersby to investigate.  The crypt serves as a sort of family tomb for the Heyton family.  Founded by Bjorn Heyton, the clan has a long and storied history on Korthos Island.  For generations, the Heytons fought against the sahaugin to keep Korthos safe, and their line of descendants can be traced all the way down to her.

Another of those descendants – Lars Heyton – was seen entering the crypts, and it is Bauerdatter’s belief that he may have encountered trouble down there.  As an adventurer himself, Lars Heyton may play a crucial role in liberating the island and, according to Bauerdatter, she will reward anyone brave enough to enter the crypts and search for him.

Many villagers believe that the sahuagin enter the village via some secret means.  It is believed that Lars Heyton entered the crypt in an attempt to locate that means.  Whether or not he was successful, and his fate, are unknown at this time.

“The sahuagin are sneaking into the village at night,” said Jon, a local man.  “Taking people.  Wavecrest’s the only safe place now.”


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