Game Time

In real life, school is kicking my butt and leaving very little time for anything else (like DDO).

In DDO, NWO is kicking my butt, leaving very little time for my SFG friends.

Maybe when the xpack releases we’ll all have time for some DDO.

In the meantime, snippets of SWTOR appease my inner gamer. Never been a huge Star Wars guy but always a fan of sci-fi. And BioWare. So far quite impressed!


    • every so often, all of a sudden my fascination with DDO will wane. not sure exactly why. around the time of the forum change, NWO release, and summer classes beginning, i found myself logging in with nothing really exciting me. a guildie suggested SWTOR. i thought it was a cool game. then i got a companion and left the first planet. now my mind is blown. there are so many cool features! and the story is great, especially since you interact with it so much. no doubt i’ll return to Eberron at some point but i’ll be far, far away for a bit. i’m not a big fan of the focus on the Realms.

  1. i’m enjoying it quite a bit. definitely dig that you can move and attack simultaneously, like you-know-what. between NWO stealing away most of our guild and being so busy with school, i’m bummed that i don’t have as much time for DDO right now. but that’s how it goes sometimes – it crests and breaks. like you Geoff, i tried to get into NWO and cannot.

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