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Me:  Hi, I was wondering when we might see the online version of our issue.  Just curious.  Thanks!

Adviser: Doug, the FTP password was not working and the person who manages the server was not there today in school. I am afraid we will have to wait until Monday. I will check tomorrow. Sorry about that.

So if you are feeling ambitious, or if you’re a Viking taking summer classes, or you just happen to be in downtown Cleveland for some other reason, then maybe wander around the CSU campus and snag a hard copy of our first summer issue of the Cleveland Stater.

Producing our issue was really exciting!  i had the opportunity to do some more real reporting and found a good thematic story that developed from what might otherwise have been a ho-hum episodic news item that already enjoys huge coverage.  Using Photoshop and Dreamweaver to layout the pages, digging in for some serious copy editing, and learning how to manipulate the website as the online editor were all very cool and very rewarding experiences.  The distribution was a bit of a chore.  Bear-hugging three stacks of papers to leave all around campus while clutching an umbrella in the rain wasn’t my favorite.  Talk about sore arms!  Though i’ll admit by the time i was done i felt kinda exhilarated.

Definitely bears a shout out to Jacob Guinn for being the guinea pig for my first Long Shot interview, Anthony Snitzer for the years of inspiration, Paul O’Connor for giving me the opportunity to pick his brain, Jim Mahfood for the geek-out moment of a lifetime, Chad Zumock for being a hometown hero, and Wolfie for his in- and out-of-game contributions.

Interviewing you folks was a real honor, terrific learning, fun times, and very cool!  i love talking to people, hearing their stories, and getting the opportunity to share them on The Long Shot.  Those are priceless gifts.

After we got done with the post-publishing table discussion and online updates, and everyone else had left, i was alone in the Stater office.  Feeling particularly newsy, and packing a camera (now-essential SwissGear gear), i snapped a few photos of the place where it all went down.  Well…not all – the reporting took place out in the field, and the writing in my Sanctum Sanctorum – but all of the physical production stuff.


Sanctum Sanctorum…i wish!  Mine’s more like a boring apartment bedroom in Willoughby Hills.  Actually it’s exactly a boring bedroom.

Stater Office 1

Cleveland Stater office.  About what you’d expect – messy, kinda blah-looking.  The energy is in the paper.

Stater Office 2

The conference table where we discuss important matters.  Also where i conducted several phone interviews and worked on stories a bit.

Stater Whiteboard right direction

The whiteboard where our E-I-C figures out the Big Picture – which stories go where and who is responsible for the individual page layouts and edits.

Stater Newsstand

The newsstand.  Got me a lead story and my own large color photo made the front page.  Woot woot.


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