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Today was distribution day for our second summer issue of the Cleveland Stater.

Note to self: jeans are a bad choice when it’s 80 degrees and i have to trek across campus and surrounding environs toting 3 stacks of newspapers.

Anyway, the updated website isn’t published yet, but i wanted to share this page.  Inspired by my colleague Ronnie Holman, who posted his stories on his Tumblr, i thought i’d share this page here on The Long Shot.

This is page 2 of Volume 14, Issue 17.

i had a great time at this event hosted by Radiolab‘s Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad.  They were really cool and allowed for a post-show interview in the green room.  As a big ol’ science geek (conceptually at least) it was a real treat.  In addition, i am happy to see i got the whole second page to myself, which included the photos i took after the show.  They didn’t allow photos during, which kinda sucked.  The official photog of the event emailed me his pics though.  That was really cool.  They were terrific shots, but my professor/Stater adviser urged me to use mine because, well, they’re mine.  And he said they’re more “newsy.”

Another nice thing about this page is that i also did the layout, which i thought turned out well.  Two nice photos, a pull quote, and an inset box from a colleague who also attended the event and provided a different perspective.

The website version of this story was fun to layout as well.  i got to experiment some more with Dreamweaver, added some links and embedded video that ties into the story.

Really digging News Media Lab I this summer.  We get to do everything.  Editorial meetings to decide on stories to cover, the actual coverage and reporting, interviews, writing, photos, copyediting, print design, website design, and distribution.  In the fall i’ll be in News Media Lab II and of course i’m stoked about that.

14-17 Page2 Layout by me-page-0

Okay so it’s a little stretch to read this.  Had to use Zamzar to convert the PDF to JPG and stuff.  But if you click it, then zoom in, you’re gtg.

Also today, i had my initial meeting with the Center for International Services and Programs about potential study abroad to finish up my college career.  There are a dizzying array of options.  Going in, i had London and Tokyo on my mind.  Exiting, that had morphed into Morocco, Italy, and Tokyo.

There’s a lot of research still to do, and probably a lot of anxiety after that trying to finance it.  But hey…YOLO and all that.

yolo tennant

The challenging this is finding a program that offers what i’m looking for.  Believe it or not, journalism isn’t the prolific discipline i’d expected to find in study abroad.  You’d think it would be everywhere, right?  The most intriguing ones i found so far involve working with functioning professional journalists and getting a chance to do real reporting with them – some of which has the potential for publication in US media outlets.  Um…yeah!

At this moment, the Italy one is sounding really terrific.  It’s field work, plus it includes a language immersion program.  And, you know, it’s Italy.  So my stomach and taste buds are definitely campaigning hard for that.  On the other hand, Tokyo holds a strong appeal for the same reason.  Sushi!  But not that traditional fermented stuff.


  1. LOL! While technically this might be one of your shorter blog posts, I see that you made up for it by adding the PDF inset of even further reading for you Stater articles… not sure it that counts though ;-P

    While my own heart screams for you to try your hand at the Land of the Rising Sun, I think that no matter where ever you choose you will still come back from the adventure with a sense of gratification, inspiration that will mold your future, and experience that will skyrocket you headlong into your journalism career. This is to say, IF you come back from your adventure at all. And I don’t mean that in a foreboding doomsday-ish sense at all… more along the lines that I hope you could turn the time abroad into an epic journey that will make you “uber expatriate newsman, Doug Vehovec: Man of the worldly word”.

    Congrats on another set of great articles in the paper. You have been a huge inspiration in multiple tiers of my life and I thank you for that.

    Keep ’em coming… preferably more often than not.

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