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Looks like the site for the Cleveland Stater is updated now.

We tweaked the layout a bit this time.  Now you can read the lead for each story as a blurb on the home page, and follow a link to the complete story.

i noticed the headline font sizes aren’t consistent.  Darn it.  On the bright side, it’s a laboratory class and the point is to learn.  So if i may paraphrase one of my all-time favorite movie lines…

The next one will be better.”


Each one was better than the next.  Wait…

Anyway, here’s a handy bit of links to my articles for volume 14, issue 17:

Cleveland State students win study abroad scholarship

New interim vice provost puts focus on student success

Creative voices come to Cleveland

And unfortunately the video i’d embedded also does not appear to work properly on that last one.  So about halfway down, after the line “Sometimes behave so strangely…” imagine watching this video clip:

We’ve got one more issue to go this summer.  i wish we had more time to do more, and to amp up that website as well.  Maybe in News Media Lab II in the fall?  Pretty awesome time so far already.

In other school-related news, it was really wonderful to read the comment on my last post from my buddy Brett.  It’s very cool to think i have even a teensy part in inspiring anybody to do anything positive so that was my cockle-warming moment of the day.  Anyone who knows me knows i’m quite a geek, and a nerd, and although i’m in my mid-30’s still without a bachelor’s degree, i’ve always done what i can to encourage people to stay in or go to school.  Guess it was time for me to follow my own advice, and it feels really terrific.


Now get off my jock, fool.  <– inside joke


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