A Secret Wars Apologist

Like this writer, Secret Wars was maybe the first comics I ever collected. I never knew it was considered gimmicky or a joke though. To me as well, it was an introduction to all the big names (heroes anyway) and a fantastic story with good drama. Bad guys were pretty lame though. I did like Klaw, Molecule Man and Kang though. Too bad that last one got chumped out toot sweet. And of course Doom, who got hisself torn apart but still one-upped The Beyonder! Issue #10 still one of my favorite covers of all time.
And yes, I also had all the figures and the Doom Wheel, which always made me think of the Wonder Wheel from Richard Pryor’s “The Toy.”
With the ease of conjuring issues of yesterday on digital apps, or probably in your local comic shop’s sale bin, if you have the means I highly recommend picking this up. It’s so choice.
Now as for Secret Wars II…

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