Week in Geek 12.26.14

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First things first – how do you like the new look of The Long Shot? This is called the “Newsworthy” theme, which besides the catchy title caught my eye for the pop art look of it and brightness. Eventually i hope to acquire sufficient coding skills to create something from scratch but in the meantime, i felt like this was a good change from the overall dark theme i’d been using for the last few years. Many facets of my life are in flux right now, evolving into a brighter future so i thought the look of The Long Shot should reflect that too.

With the holiday season in full effect this week, not much time was available to visit any local events unfortunately. Add to that some extra hours at the ol’ jobs plus legwork to get the ball rolling on a first-time home purchase, and i didn’t even have time to invest in Codecademy exercises.

That being said, there are two exciting interview opportunities i’m pursuing right now. By pursuing, i mean doggedly pestering from various angles until they are successful (or i get a C-and-D order). This method has proven to work for me in the past, so i’ll continue utilizing it. Narrative interviews are my favorite things to write. i love speaking with independent creative people and sharing their stories.

There’s a third one too, but it’s a real long shot. If it materializes, i will have truly lived up to the name of this blog and beyond.

The list of contributing writers here is showing signs of potential growth, too. A couple of people have expressed interest in sharing their writing here, and i hope to provide a place for their work soon. As always, i am happy to encourage anyone’s pursuit of writing satisfaction so if you have an inkling to tap away at the keyboard, feel free to take a shot here and i’ll help any way that i can.

Coming up in the next few weeks, i’ll be adding ‘night reporter’ to my expanding list of jobs and duties. This entails listening closely to a police scanner and checking in with various city agencies throughout the evening. Most importantly, it means potential official bylines! In February i’ll also be covering Wizard World Cleveland – a huge event for my hometown. Are you planning to attend? Drop me a line and let me know. If you’re a fan of comics and popular culture, this is not an event to be missed.

Now, i would feel terrible without giving you at least something more meaty to read this week, so here’s a few links to stuff that crossed my path that i hope you find worth your time as i did.

Lastly, worth checking out is Loot Crate. For a few dollars per month, you can have a box of random geek and gamer gear delivered each month. My friend’s son gave me a gift bag for Christmas of some stuff from there, and after looking more into it, Loot Crate seems like a pretty sweet deal. One lucky person each month also wins a Mega Crate, valued at over $2000 worth of exclusive stuff, tech gadgets, game systems and more.


i’ll be signing up with Loot Crate myself in the near future and i’ll keep you up to date. Who knows? Maybe we can have some Long Shot giveaways…

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Thanks for reading the ninth Week in Geek in addition to visiting The Long Shot. Of course, there were many more exciting things that happened in the world of science, technology and pop culture this week…but these were the ones that most caught my attention. If you have any news you’d like to share, drop me a line and let me know – i try to keep up with stuff but i can’t read everything!

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