Week in Geek 2.20.15, part 1

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Things are a little different this week, since by the time you’re reading this i’ll be up to my eyeballs in geekery at Wizard World Cleveland!

The pop culture extravaganza runs Feb. 20-22, and i’ll be writing up a post-show day post each night starting tonight. Wizard World is a huge show, and i’ll be doing my best to capture the spirit of the event.

Throughout the show, i’ll be taking photos for a media gallery through The News-Herald (as well as for this weekend’s trilogy of posts) so be sure to check that out and see if you’re in any of them. i’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for great costumes, and i’ve got slips with the URL for the gallery attached to my business card to hand out during the show.

And also pick up cool loot. With any luck, i’ll find a vendor with VS System cards so i can finish off that all-foil Mister Miracle deck i’ve been working on for the last two years. Not that i ever get a chance to play anymore, but if i ever do…here’s hoping i’ll discover foil versions of Madame Xanadu, The Phantom Stranger and Messiah Complex.

This will also mark my first foray into using the Uber car service. All the parking nearby the convention center is booked solid, and since it’s currently 4F degrees outside, i’m not really up for a brisk walk through downtown Cleveland. Fortunately, i live so close to downtown that even a luxury Uber ride is cheaper than a parking lot all day, and they’ll pick up outside my front door and drop off right at the show so…yeah, no-brainer there.

End of a run

One of my favorite books of 2014 came to an end this week, with She-Hulk #12 hitting the shelves and digital pull list on Wednesday. There’s been several great books in the last year that i’ve championed, including this one for its terrific take not just on a great female hero, but because it went well beyond a typical monthly slugfest. The titular character was presented as a fleshed out individual with a real life outside of superheroics, and that’s something i always appreciate in comics. In fact, it’s almost something i exclusively look for anymore.

Just last night, i came across this site of fellow blogger and writer of She-Hulk Charles Soule, who had been posting daily essays leading up to the book’s final issue (12 of them, one for each issue).

This is a great behind-the-issue look from the creator, thoughtfully written and gives me a reason to go back and re-read this wonderful run with an expanded perspective. Plus, i thought it was really cool to see that the writer’s blog exists right here through WordPress, too.

If none of my previous appeals to check this book out worked, well, here’s another attempt! Check out Mr. Soule’s blog, and maybe that’ll convince you to give She-Hulk a look. Since the arc and book are now concluded, you won’t get trapped in an ongoing series and there were no event tie-ins all year so, it’s just 12 issues and you’re done.

She-Hulk #12 cover, final issue of one of 2014's very best
She-Hulk #12 cover, final issue of one of 2014’s very best

If you’re looking for more She-Hulk, she’ll be appearing front-and-center in Marvel’s following the upcoming spring event Secret Wars (boy they’re really mining that well deep, huh?).

A-Force is a new book that will launch in the aftermath, when a disbanded Marvel Universe will find itself on the patchwork Battleworld. This team book will feature an all-female cast of superheroes, and She-Hulk looks to be leading the team. Given her long history and experience in the Marvel U, this is a great fit for the character. Although the book sounds kind of gimmicky, it does look to have some cool stuff, like the addition of a new character, Singularity, based on the cosmological event. The book is written by a female writer, G. Willow Wilson, who writes the critically-acclaimed Ms. Marvel book as well. Overall, it sounds like it could be pretty good and i’ll give it a chance when it releases.

And speaking of comics, Wizard World is set to begin soon, so it’s time for me to finish getting ready and get to the show. See you there!

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