WWE RAW 05-04-15 Results and Review

By Long Shot contributor Tim Simko

Last week, WWE began the road to their next Pay-Per-View event Payback. The seeds were planted for upcoming feuds, dissension within WWE super group The Authority was teased, and the WWE fans even got to vote on who had the right to challenge WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins at Payback. On RAW tonight, fans will see this new chapter unfold. Who will gain momentum going into the next Pay-Per-View? Will Kane break away from The Authority once and for all? And what is next in the career of Damien Sandow?

Once again, it is time to get RAW.


The show started off as Randy Orton headed toward the ring. Orton hyped the Triple Threat WWE World Heavyweight Match between him, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins at the next WWE Pay-Per-View event Payback. He said Payback is a fitting name for the Pay-Per-View event as he will get payback on Rollins and there is nothing Rollins or Roman Reigns can do about it. Reigns came out and interrupted Orton as they traded insults back and forth. Orton hyped his accomplishments in WWE as the crowd cheered him on.

Reigns reminded the crowd that he beat Orton at last year’s Summerslam Pay-Per-View and that he can beat him again. Suddenly, WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day came out.

The crowd chanted “New Day sucks” as they said they wanted to spread the power of positivity. The crowd booed The New Day unanimously as they insulted Orton and Reigns. Mid-speech, the crowd erupted into a loud “New Day sucks” chant. They told Roman not to let it bother him that he never won the big one, and not to let it bother Orton that Rollins “not only has your number, but has it on speed dial.”

They invited Reigns and Orton to clap with The New Day, but they refuse. The New Day announced that all three members Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods will take on Roman Reigns and Randy Orton in a three on two handicap match as the show goes to commercial.

The show came back from commercial as Orton and Reigns took on the entire New Day group. Orton and Reigns had the advantage in the match, making frequent tags and working on wearing down Xavier Woods. After a distraction by Kingston, Big E managed to tag Woods and get in the match. After working on Orton, Big E made a tag to Kingston. The fans started to lose interest in the match, as they started chanting for commentator JBL and became relatively quieter as the match went on. Xavier Woods had control of Orton as the match went to commercial.

This match is a good way to hype the upcoming main event at Payback; however, the match itself is very forgettable. The New Day combination features a good combination of strength and agility, and Orton and Reigns are currently being pushed as main event stars. However, there’s nothing particularly exciting about this opening bout. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t a match of the year candidate either. It is just there.

The show came back from commercial as Kofi Kingston had Roman Reigns in a headlock. Commercial footage exclusive on the WWE App is showed how the New Day kept control during the break. Big E tagged in and continued to work on Reigns, hitting him with a series of suplexes as the crowd started to chant “New Day sucks.” Big E went for a cover but only hit a two-count. Big E tagged in Woods who hit an elbow on Reigns, and Reigns managed to kick out. Woods hit a neckbreaker on Reigns for a two-count. Woods tagged in Kingston as the fans chanted for CM Punk, who is currently retired from wrestling and is signed with UFC. Fans typically chant Punk’s name when they are dissatisfied with a match. The fans are chanting “We want Randy” as Reigns manages to make a tag as Kingston tags in also. Kingston jumped off of the ropes but Orton slammed him. New Day tried to interfere but Orton fought them off. Orton hit a DDT off of the ropes on Kingston and called for his RKO finisher. Woods tried to interfere but Orton hit an RKO. Reigns tried to spear Kingston but accidentally hit Orton. Reigns was pushed out of the ring by Kingston as Woods pinned Orton.


The New Day winning the match was unexpected, but helps fuel the WWE fans hatred for them while further creating dissention between Reigns and Orton.

WWE Director of Operations Kane came out and said there is no shame in losing. But he said their evening isn’t over, he wants to exploit their dislike for each other. In tonight’s main event, Randy Orton will go one on one with Roman Reigns because it is best for business.

The main event tonight will be a preview for fans of the main event at WWE Payback, as two of the three men involved will be in the match. I won’t be surpised if Rollins somehow gets involved.

Rollins was shown backstage, and said that Kane’s main event tonight won’t make a difference. He said that The Authority is coming back, and will punish Kane for his treatment of Rollins the past few weeks. Kane said that he doesn’t want to allow Rollins to do nothing while his opponents are in a match tonight. Kane said that Rollins’ win on Smackdown last week was marred by interference. He announced a rematch from Smackdown between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose tonight, and that J&J Security is banned from ringside. Rollins complained about his match, but Kane said that if Rollins said one more word he would make it worse. Rollins walked off infuriated.

Rollins against Ambrose was a great feud to watch last year, and to see it for free on RAW is a great way to draw in fans. While Smackdown showcased the two of them in a match last week, it has always been considered the “B” show. This is partly because the show is taped on Tuesdays and doesn’t air until Thursday while most episodes of Monday Night RAW are live. It is harder to watch a show when you can see the results days ahead of time, its like reading spoilers for the newest episode of your favorite television show. With this match taking place on RAW, fans can watch as the two bring out the best in each other.

RAW came back from commercial as WWE announcer Renee Young introduced Ryback. Ryback made his way to the ring as clips were shown from last week’s RAW when he beat Bo Dallas and was attacked by Bray Wyatt.

Young interviewed Ryback about the attacks, asking why Wyatt targeted him. He called Wyatt stupid and said that all his life he had to face fear. The fans chanted “Goldberg” as Ryback is often compared to the former WCW star. He acknowledged the chants and laughed it off as the fans chanted “Feed me more.” Ryback said how he had to face fear as doctors told him he would never wrestle again following past interviews. He said he swallows fear and turns it into positivity. The fans chanted “we want Wyatt” before Ryback led them into another “feed me more” chant. He called Wyatt out, and said that he isn’t scared.


Wyatt cut off Ryback as he began another cryptic promo. He said that Ryback paints himself as an untouchable force but underneath he is a little boy. Wyatt said Ryback put on a façade. Wyatt said that everything Ryback loves will fade with time, as will he. The screen cut to black as the show went to commercial.

This is only the second time in recent memory I’ve seen Ryback get time on the microphone. I like when they add some dimension to the character, a backstory can do nothing but help the powerhouse character. As for Wyatt’s cryptic promos, they only get better and better. I recommend going on WWE’s YouTube channel and watching Bray Wyatt videos if you’re not familiar with his work.

Former WWE Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd and Cesaro came out for a tag team match, accompanied by Kidd’s real life wife Natalya. Their opponents, The Ascension came out next. With Kidd and Cesaro facing off a bad guy tag team, I am still questioning if we as fans are supposed to cheer them now. I miss when WWE used to make turning over a new leaf a big deal, it becomes more confusing when the characters aren’t defined as heroes or villains.

The Ascension dominated the match early as members Konnor and Viktor dominated Tyson Kidd. The Ascension made frequent tags and repeatedly attacked Kidd as Cesaro could only watch from his side of the ring. Cesaro managed to break up a pin as the referee made him go back to his corner. Kidd managed to dodge an attack and make a tag to Cesaro. Cesaro came in with a flurry of uppercuts too fast to keep track of as the fans went crazy. Fans got on their feet and cheered loudly as Cesaro got a two-count. Cesaro called for his Cesaro swing, as Konnor ran into the ring. However, Kidd made the save and Cesaro hit his swing on Viktor as Kidd kicked Viktor in the head and made the pin for the three count.

The fans cheered the Kidd and Cesaro heavily, as they acted like heroic characters. I am not sure if they are good guys now, or if they are simply being cheered by the rowdy Montreal crowd. Nonetheless, Kidd and Cesaro are both talented wrestlers and I’m happy to see them getting screen time.

Rollins was shown walking backstage as he told interviewer Renee Young that Kane is a moron. Following that comment, RAW went to commercial.

Following a recap of their match from last week’s episode of Smackdown, Dean Ambrose made his entrance for his match against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Rollins made his entrance next without J&J Security, as they are banned from ringside.

As the match was about to begin, Kane’s music hit. Kane announced that he took Rollins sentiments to heart. Kane announced that if Ambrose wins his match against Rollins, he will be added to the main event of Payback and it will be a fatal four way match. Rollins began to complain as Ambrose said he thought it was a great idea. Ambrose asked the audience if they were okay with the stipulation of their match as they cheered.


Kane and Rollins argued as Kane said that the stipulation is on. Ambrose began attacking Rollins and brawling with him. Hitting him with a series of punches and chops. Rollins escaped the ring, but Ambrose chased him and hit him with a chop outside of the ring. Rollins made a comeback, but Ambrose quickly hit Rollins with a clothesline as the crowd went nuts. The crowd is excited at the possibility of Ambrose being in the main event.

Back in the ring, Ambrose hit Rollins with a series of elbows for a two-count. Ambrose hit Rollins with a suplex for a one-count. Rollins then managed to get Ambrose in the corner and hit him with punches, elbows and kicks. Rollins started hitting Ambrose with punches to the head, as Ambrose made a reversal and started punching Rollins in the head. Ambrose hit Rollins with another chop for a two-count.

Rollins hit a punch and hit Ambrose with a kick, followed by a diving knee. Rollins put Ambrose into a headlock. As Ambrose was about to fight his way out Rollins threw him into the mat and put another headlock on Ambrose. Fans screamed “you sold out” at Rollins referencing the breakup of former WWE group The Shield last year. Ambrose managed to get Rollins out of the ring, as the show went to commercial.

This is a very exciting match, and with all of the fast paced action it is hard to keep track of what is going on at times. That is a good thing in the WWE. With this generation of WWE fans clamoring for athletic guys that look like the average joe in the main event, the unexpected possibility of Ambrose in the match at Payback creates a new level of excitement and interest for the title match. I hope he wins the match, even if it is with something as trivial as a roll up pin. I don’t believe Ambrose has ever been in a title match either, which makes for an exciting event.

Also, we get to see all three former members of The Shield and Randy Orton in the main event if Ambrose pulls of the win. Fingers crossed.

The match continued with an all out brawl between the two and Ambrose started a flurry of offense on Rollins. Rollins escaped the ring, but Ambrose dove out of the ring onto Rollins. The fans started chanting “Holy Shit” as they are into this match. Ambrose hit Rollins with a slam for a two-count. The fans erupted into a “This is Awesome” chant as Rollins attempted what looked like a piledriver. Ambrose countered and jumped off of the top rope with a diving elbow for a two count. Rollins managed to hit Ambrose with a kick to the head followed by a knee to the temple for a two count. Rollins slapped Ambrose around and Ambrose hit a slap of his own before Rollins connected with a kick to Ambrose’s head for a two-count.

Ambrose and Rollins went back and forth with punches before Ambrose got the advantage and knocked Rollins out of the ring. Ambrose went for a clothesline but Rollins countered with a powerbomb to the barricade as fans chanted “holy shit.” The referee began to start the ten count as Ambrose ran back in at the last second. Ambrose and Rollins with a series of back and forth offense as J&J security ran in. Ambrose managed to throw both members of J&J security out of the ring, and roll up Rollins for the win as the fans went insane. Rollins looked upset as Ambrose smiled about being in the main event of Payback.


Matches like this remind me of why I am a wrestling fan. An exciting match from start to finish, the crowd was completely into it, and the WWE worked their magic and inserted a fan favorite with a huge cult following into the main event of Payback. Plus, WWE continues to promote Rollins as a strong champion while simultaneously portraying him as a champion that could lose the title at any time. Even though Ambrose might not win the title, just the possibility of it is exciting for fans.

Also, fans have wanted to see the former members of The Shield in a triple threat match since they broke up. Now they are main eventing a pay per view in a match for the biggest prize in the company, with the addition of antihero Randy Orton. If there is any fan that isn’t at least remotely excited for this match, I’d be shocked.

Backstage, Rollins ran up to Kane screaming about the fact that that he now has to defend his title in a fatal four way match. Kane said that maybe Rollins would like him to add more people to the match. Rollins quieted down as Kane said that he is helping to make Rollins the champion that The Authority wants him to be, helping him to overcome adversity. Rollins said he doesn’t believe Kane as the screen changed to an interview with Rusev’s manager Lana.

Interviewer Byron Saxton asked Lana how it feels to get a positive reaction from fans and she said she doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Recently turned hero Fandango showed up and told Lana to embrace the fans before walking out. Rusev then came on and spoke to Lana in Russian before they walked out. The WWE commentators announced that Rusev vs. Fandango was next as RAW went to commercial.

RAW came back from commercial as Fandango danced in the ring. Rusev made his entrance, and when his manager Lana came out the fans cheered loudly for her. Commentators hyped Rusev’s “I Quit” match against John Cena for the United States Championship as he made his way to the ring. The match will be the final chapter in the Rusev/Cena feud. Fans chanted “We Want Lana” as Rusev threw Fandango around like a ragdoll. Fandango was thrown out of the ring, and turned his attention to Lana. Lana started to dance with Fandango as Rusev attacked Fandango and sent Lana to the back. Fandango began to gain an advantage over Rusev and hit a series of punches and kicks before Rusev kicked Fandango and hit his Accolade submission finisher for the win.


Lana has won the fans over, and I am curious if she will continue to play a manager character or if she will transition to a wrestler role. It is interesting that Fandango got offense against a wrestler who usually wrestles one-sided matches. Maybe they’re trying to show that Rusev is losing his touch? It will be interesting to see where Rusev’s character will go after the final chapter of the Rusev/Cena feud.

As RAW came back on the air, commentators hyped the return of Tough Enough and showed a series of video submissions. After the videos were shown, R-Truth was in the ring as Stardust came out for a match against R-Truth. Didn’t this match happen last week?

A video was shown where Stardust talked about exacting revenge on R-Truth for beating Stardust last week in the King of the Ring tournament. The match started with some back and forth action between the two as Truth got the advantage after a shoulder block. Stardust regained control as he reached for a bag he brought to the ring. Truth manager to Stop Stardust before Stardust started fighting back. Stardust hit a series of kicks. Truth and Stardust then started hitting punches back and forth before they both hit a double crossbody. Stardust started crawling to his bag once again, as Truth began to hit Stardust with some kicks and a slam for a two-count. Truth opened the bag, which was filled with fake plastic spiders, Truth’s biggest fear. Stardust rolled up Truth for the pin and the win, and then Truth ran to the back screaming.

Very disappointed in the match, the match itself wasn’t that entertaining and the ending felt very cartoony and over the top. If it would’ve been real spiders similar to what Jake “The Snake” Roberts did with his snake Damien then maybe it’d be believable. But to see a grown man run away and scream in a high-pitched voice over a bag full of plastic toy spiders was anything but believable.

As RAW came back from a commercial break, WWE United States Champion John Cena came out for his United States Championship Open Challenge. The fans chanted, “John Cena sucks” to the tune of his theme song and booed him at the top of their lungs. Montreal, and all Canadian crowds for that matter, are well known for being very vocal about who they love and hate in the WWE. As the music stopped, the fans continued to chant “John Cena sucks” and booed loudly. John Cena hyped that there are many fans in Montreal who wish Cena would quit as the crowd started a loud “yes” chant.

Cena said that he’s dealt with adversity for years, and that no matter what the hostility he will never give up. Cena said that he will fight Rusev one last time, and it will be the final chapter. Cena asked the fans if they would quit in the face of adversity, and they responded no.

Cena said no matter what, we as humans fight for what we believe in. He said that he is proud of being known as the man who never gives up, and that Payback will be no different. He then said that he is there right now and Montreal is the place to be. Cena challenged anyone in the back to come out for a title match.

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart’s music came on, and the Montreal native came out to a huge ovation. In a world with the Internet and very few surprises in the wrestling industry, this was a nice surprise. Hart said he was going to introduce a great wrestler as Heath Slater came out.

Slater said that he will not let his chance to be United States Champion be ruined again like it was last week. Slater insulted the crowd. He said how Orton attacked him out of nowhere, and Rusev attacked him out of nowhere, and he is sick of getting attacked out of nowhere. As he said this, Hart hit him with the microphone.

Hart introduced NXT wrestler Sami Zayn, also a Canadian native, as the crowd went nuts. Zayn is a very popular wrestler beloved by the fans, who gained a huge reputation on the independent scene long before winning the hearts of the WWE fans. Zayn entered the ring to a standing ovation as RAW went to commercial.

Normally during the commercials, I’ll go in the other room, but right now I am glued to my TV. This main roster debut had been anticipated since Zayn signed with the company. I am actually texting my friends who are wrestling fans at the moment to tell them about what just happened.

The show came back as Zayn hit Cena with a dropkick and knocked him out of the ring. The fans cheered as loud as they possibly could. Cena got back into the ring as they locked up and Cena hit him with a slam. Cena put Zayn in a headlock as the fans cheered on Zayn. The crowd was completely biased in favor of Zayn, cheering his every move.

Zayn’s shoulder appeared to be tweaked from the slam, as the referee called the doctor into the ring to check on his arm. Cena stood in the corner and waited for the doctor to check on Zayn.

Zayn opted to continue the match and the two prepared to lock up once again. Cena managed to get control of the match to the displeasure of the crowd, Zayn managed to clothesline Cena as he continued to favor his injured shoulder. Zayn hit a series of punches before Cena managed to hit a series of shoulder tackles followed by a five-knuckle-shuffle attempt. Zayn countered into a pin for a two count and then hit a cross body on Cena for a two count.

Cena rolled out of the ring, and Zayn dove out of the ring onto Cena. Zayn rolled Cena back into the ring but Cena managed to lock in his STF submission maneuver. Zayn struggled to crawl towards the ropes, and managed to make it. This forced Cena to break the hold. Zayn hit his Koji clutch submission maneuver as Cena broke the hold. Cena went for an Attitude Adjustment finisher but Zayn countered it into a pin for a two count.

Zayn charged at Cena, but Cena hit a clothesline. Cena picked up Zayn for the Attitude Adjustment but Zayn fought out of it and both men went down. Zayn hit Cena with a DDT through the corner outside of the ring, as the fans cheered loudly. As Zayn tried to drag Cena into the ring, he favored his injured shoulder. Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment out of nowhere, but Zayn kicked out at two.

The fans went insane when Zayn kicked out and Cena cannot believe it. Zayn hit a blue thunder bomb for a close two-count. The fans began a “This is Awesome” chant as Zayn picked Cena up and hit him with punches. The fans cheered Zayn and booed Cena as they fought back and forth. Cena hit a springboard stunner and another Attitude Adjustment to retain the title.

What a debut! Zayn held his own against the man who has been the face of the WWE for the past ten years, and made a debut that fans will never forget. In a time where debuts are forgettable, Zayn’s debut will go down as one that will always be memorable.

Cena picked up Zayn and shook his hand before leaving the ring as fans gave their hometown hero Zayn a standing ovation. Between Rollins/Ambrose and Cena/Zayn, WWE has really been stepping it up with the quality of their RAW matches. I hope they find a way to make their 2-3 minute matches just as entertaining, because R-Truth running from plastic spiders shouldn’t have to take place between two great matches.

Renee Young was waiting to interview Sami Zayn after his match with John Cena, but New Day interrupted and told her that she should interview The New Day since they were victorious in their match. They tried to start a “New Day rocks” chant but the fans chanted “New Day sucks”. Former tag team champions Tyson Kidd and Cesaro interrupted and criticized The New Day. After some arguing, Kidd, Cesaro, and Natalya led a New Day sucks chant. I take back what I said earlier, WWE has officially established Kidd and Cesaro as heroes.

The Bella twins came out next as Brie was scheduled to face Naomi. However, Naomi and a returning Tamina Snuka attacked the Bella Twins during their entrance. Naomi said that the Bellas dominance of the Divas division is over as they walked to the back.

Anyone who has seen my past reviews knows my opinion of the current state of the Divas division, but it was a nice change to see something unexpected. I’d rather see an unexpected attack that can build up their feud than a throwaway match that wouldn’t add hype to their match at Payback any day.

Clips were shown from the finals of the King of the Ring tournament last week, which took place on WWE Main Event. Bad News Barrett won the tournament and came out live on RAW to declare himself king. The commentary team announced that Barrett will team with Sheamus to face Dolph Ziggler and Neville as RAW went to commercial.

I don’t mind that Barrett won the tournament at all, but I feel like it was rushed. They announced the tournament on last week’s Monday Night RAW and the tournament concluded one day later. I would’ve much rather seen the matches take place over the course of a few weeks, with the final taking place at Payback.

As RAW came back from commercial Sheamus joined Bad News Barrett in the ring as Neville made his entrance, Ziggler came out next to join his tag team partner Neville.

The match started with Ziggler and Barrett. Sheamus distracted Ziggler as Barrett quickly took advantage and began hitting Ziggler early on in the match. Barrett had Ziggler in the corner and hit him with a regular elbow for a two count. As Barrett got in some offense, Ziggler countered with a DDT for a two-count. Barrett rolled out of the ring as RAW went to commercial.

As RAW came back from commercial, Sheamus had Ziggler in a headlock. Ziggler fought his way out and charged at Sheamus but Sheamus countered with a backbreaker. Sheamus taunted Ziggler and slapped him around before Ziggler countered with a kick. Ziggler crawled towards Neville and tagged him in as Sheamus tagged in Barrett. Neville began to hit a flurry of offense on Barrett before throwing him out of the ring and diving onto him. Neville got Barrett back into the ring and hit a standing moonsault for a two count. Barrett went for a bullhammer but Neville countered with an enzuigiri for a two count. Sheamus tried to aid Barrett but Ziggler knocked Sheamus out of the ring while they fought on the outside. Meanwhile, Neville knocked Barrett down and went for a move off of the ropes. However, a distraction by Sheamus led to Barrett hitting a Bullhammer elbow finisher on Neville for the win.

This was a good match and helped to further the feud between Ziggler and Sheamus as well as the feud between Barrett and Neville.

Roman Reigns made his way to the ring for the main event, followed by Randy Orton. The commentators hyped the main event as RAW went to commercial.

Orton and Reigns stood in the ring as Director of Operations Kane, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Rollins, and J&J security made their way to ringside. J&J security member Jamie Noble introduced himself as the special guest ring announcer for the match, J&J security partner Joey Mercury as the bell keeper, Kane as the special enforcer, and Rollins as a special guest commentator.


The match started with Reigns and Orton looking toward Rollins as Orton tried to hit an RKO immediately, but it was countered. Reigns and Orton traded punches back and forth before Reigns gained control and hit punches on Orton in the corner. Orton made a comeback with a clothesline before observing The Authority at ringside. The camera repeatedly panned out to The Authority, reminding fans that they are at ringside during this match. The match went outside of the ring, as Orton and Reigns traded punches again. Reigns hit Jamie Noble, and Orton took advantage by hitting a clothesline on Reigns. Orton continued to hit Reigns with punches and uppercuts before throwing him into the ring. Orton had a staredown with The Authority before sliding back into the ring. Reigns managed to knock Orton down and then picked Orton up.

Orton made a comeback with punches and a series of clotheslines. Orton went for a powerslam but Reigns avoided it. Orton hit a backbreaker on Reigns as The Authority continued to observe from ringside. Reigns knocked Orton down and had a staredown with the Authority before dropkicking Orton. Reigns stared down Rollins before calling for his Superman Punch signature. Orton avoided it and hit Reigns with a powerslam.

Orton hit a DDT off of the ropes and signaled for his RKO finisher. Orton went for the RKO but Reigns reversed it and hit a Superman Punch. Reigns went for a dive but Kane pulled him out of the ring and beat him down, followed by J&J Security and Rollins beating Orton down. Reigns dove out of the ring for the save. After Reigns stood back up, Rollins shoved him into the ring post.

The Authority threw Orton into the ring and continued their assault. Reigns tried to help Orton but they were outnumbered. Dean Ambrose, who is now in the main event of Payback, came out to help Reigns and Orton clear the ring. The three of them were alone with Rollins and Reigns hit him with a spear. Orton hit Reigns with an RKO, followed with Ambrose hitting Dirty Deeds on Orton. RAW ended with Dean Ambrose’s music playing and Ambrose posing in the corner.


  • Where is Damien Sandow? He was very popular with the crowd for months, and they teased a new direction for his character yet he didn’t appear on RAW at all. I hope that they at least give him an appearance on Smackdown. I want to see how the character progresses now that he isn’t simply The Miz’s stunt double.
  • The WWE replaced one side of the ring apron with a titantron screen at Wrestlemania and have kept it as a part of the set ever since, and it looks awesome.
  • The addition of Dean Ambrose into the main event is both exciting and unexpected; it is just another reason to watch the Payback Pay-Per-View. While it is unlikely that Ambrose will win the championship, just the possibility alone is enough to build hype for the match. In addition, having RAW end with Ambrose as the only competitor standing was a great way to promote the idea that anything is possible at the Payback event.
  • Sami Zayn’s long awaited RAW debut exceeded expectations. While most competitors in the modern era of WWE make their debuts in throwaway matches against lackluster stars, Zayn made an immediate impact against a star who has been known as “the face of WWE” for the past decade.
  • Seeing Tamina Snuka and Naomi ambush the Bella Twins was unexpected and a welcome surprise. There has been something missing in the Divas division for a long time, and perhaps the idea of having believable bad guys that dominate the competition could help ignite a spark within that division.
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