Answering powerful questions, No. 1

When i come across an article titled “6 Powerful Questions That Will Change Your Life Forever” i gotta at least skim over it, right?

powerful questions

Ever one for introspection, i’ve been considering the state of my place in the world for as long as i can remember (which is pretty long – i’ve got a good memory for the most part).

As a man for whom 40 is looming on the horizon, with no wife/gf or kids and having recently moved to Austin for a new job, i’ve had more time than usual to delve into the why’s of my existence. In many ways, this is a net positive situation because it speaks to the general abundance we enjoy in society. Without any real struggle for survival day-to-day, there is room for esoteric reflection on what author Daniel Pink describes in his book “Drive” as the three elements of the motivation formula: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

So, that’s a good thing, right?

At any rate, i thought it would be fun, useful and enlightening to answer those six life-changing questions for myself.

Question No. 1: What do i absolutely love in life?

The guide for this question reads as follows:

List anything that you love about the world and the people in your life. Think about any activities that get you excited and enthusiastic and make you feel most alive. This can be absolutely anything: music, sports, cooking, teaching others, learning, watching movies—anything. Within your love for these things lies deep passion.

So, a list! Big fan of lists here. A pretty easy way to start this project as well. This list isn’t going to be in any order other than that in which the items on it cross my mind.

  1. Dungeons and Dragons
  2. My tuxedo cat, Cosby
  3. Writing and copyediting
  4. New York City
  5. Walking in the woods
  6. Sunshine and warmth
  7. Overcast days
  8. Coffee
  9. Comic books and superheroes
  10. Journalism
  11. Getting lost in music
  12. Engrossing serial television and dramedy films
  13. Comedians
  14. Love
  15. Trying new foods
  16. Making lists
  17. Seeing another side to an issue (and being shown by someone else)
  18. Wit
  19. Making people laugh
  20. The ’80s
  21. No need for an alarm clock
  22. Talking with my closest friends Melissa, Dan and Brett
  23. Endless possibilities
  24. Geeks are cool now
  25. The beauty of human connections
  26. Even though that’s the way it goes, sometimes it goes the other way, too
  27. The vast and myriad ways humans can communicate with each other
  28. Pot
  29. Learning
  30. Technology (most of the time…)
  31. Mentoring from Anup Kumar
  32. 1960’s-era science fiction
  33. Pizza, tacos and sushi – the 3 greatest foods platforms
  34. Self-examination and introspection
  35. Gaming conventions
  36. Hope
  37. Torrents
  38. Mega Man
  39. Star Trek TOS
  40. Headlines and deadlines
  41. Colorful socks
  42. Courage on any scale
  43. Independence
  44. People who do their own thing and stick with it
  45. Sentimentality (and cheesiness)
  46. Making due with what i have
  47. Rewards of hard work
  48. Encouraging others
  49. Forward movement in life
  50. Graffiti

That feels like a good place to stop. When i started, i had no numerical goal, but somewhere around the high 30’s i felt like 50 was a nice number.

i’m curious to see how things turn out after answering the remaining five questions. Since i’m doing this “in real time” (i.e. i haven’t pre-written my answers yet) i’m looking forward to whatever discoveries i can glean from them.

What about your own list of things you absolutely love in life?

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  1. 1. My wife, Morgan.
    2. My kids.
    3. My parents.
    4. My cats.
    5. Doug.
    6. Travel.
    7. Adventure.
    8. History.

    Now if only I come up with the means to get 1 through 5 to join me on 6 and 7, then I think I would be pretty much the happiest I could possibly be.

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