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In a recent blog post i mentioned an interest in dabbling in creating video content. As evidenced by the video above, i’ve done that very thing. More about motivation to dabble in video and general State of the Long Shot info got explored when i wrote about getting back to my roots.

My first video

The first foray into creating video content coincides with a package i received from Nerdarchy. In appreciation for the volunteer work i do as web editor-in-chief for their website and helping out with whatever else i can, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch put together a box of awesome nerdy swag for me.

Doing an unboxing video for the package seemed like a cool idea to get my feet wet behind the camera on my own for the first time. i had something specific to talk about and knew there’d be plenty of great visual items to show off, so it wouldn’t be simply a talking head video.

Creating this video wasn’t the first time i’ve been behind a camera though! Working with Nerdarchy opens up tons of opportunities to appear in videos and interact with fellow nerds in multitudes of ways. In the last few months i’ve played in two online campaigns with colleagues from Nerdarchy, guested in a few live chats and co-hosted a couple of other ones and even shared the discussion spotlight with Nerdarchist Dave in two videos he shot while we were at Origins Game Fair.

Before those, i even co-wrote, co-directed and co-starred in a feature length film as well as several short films. Good luck tracking any of those down. The outcomes of those projects weren’t noteworthy by a damn sight. But that being said, i had tremendous fun working on them and for those of us who created them they were astounding successes.

If you watched the video above – and why wouldn’t you have? – there’s no need to go through every item in the unboxing again. Instead i’d like to highlight the standout items. Also i’d like to do a giveaway of some cool stuff!

eyetyrantNerdarchy fans may remember one of their June monthly giveaway items was the D&D Collector’s Series Eye Tyrant miniature. That was something i picked up years ago on a whim the first time i went to Gen Con…and it accomplished gathering dust, up until i passed it on to Nerdarchist Dave to bestow on a fan.

If i’m honest i don’t have the time, patience or inclination to paint minis. So i thought it would be cool to pass along the ones those guys graciously gave me onto someone in the Long Shot community.

Nerdy swag

Far and away my favorite item in the package was the very first thing i saw when i opened the box – a purple worm miniature! Anyone who’s played D&D with me or read my blog knows as a DM i love monsters. Machinations and villainous plots are all well and good, but throwing terrifying creatures in the party’s path is my jam. Gibbering mouthers, bulettes and carrion crawlers are great. But the appeal of reaching higher level play means pulling out the big guns and the purple worm is such a classic.

purplewormWith a challenge rating 15, one of these things would smoke the entire party right now – they’re only 7th level. On the other hand, we just started incorporating Hyperlanes material into our Spelljammer campaign, so i’m thinking they might encounter a space purple worm or three sooner rather than later. Vehicle combat in Hyperlanes is really cool and would allow a party piloting a ship to take on much nastier threats.

As a side note, i’ll be speaking with Ryan Chaddock, one of the creators of Hyperlanes, in the near future about that awesome supplement for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons as well as his other upcoming projects. So keep an eye open for the interview when it publishes.

A throwback to the gaming days of my youth, another item in the box was Van Richten’s Guide to Werebeasts. This book was part of the original Ravenloft Campaign Setting product line from second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. By hook or by crook i had just about every AD&D book on the market back then. i got my start with D&D through my older brother, who had all the first edition AD&D stuff as well as BECMI boxed sets, but 2E was my edition. It came out when i was 12 and my friends and i couldn’t get our hands on enough stuff.

werebeastsRavenloft, Dark Sun, Spelljammer, Al-Qadim, Forgotten Realms, Lankhmar, Planescape, all the related guides, adventures, novels and all those Complete Handbooks – we had and played all that stuff. (Sometimes only once, but still!)

Ravenloft in particular we played very little but i loved reading through the books and admiring the art. Stephen Fabian, who handled interior art on Van Richten’s Guide to Werebeasts, did the art for a lot of the Ravenloft stuff. Flipping through this book the guys sent me brings back a ton of memories and nostalgia. It also makes me want to run Curse of Strahd or at least a game in a gothic setting featuring lycanthropes.

TshirtsLast but not least, there’s the T-shirts. Yay! A nerd can never have enough novelty T-shirts and my selection just took a huge leap forward. All of the T-shirts are from Nerdarchy had a sponsorship deal with them for a bit and i picked up a couple of their T-shirts at the time to help support my friends over there.

No bullshit – they are quality T-shirts! It’s always a crapshoot ordering clothing online. You run the risk of getting a T-shirt that shrinks or turns stiff after the first wash for example. But the AC10 shirts are great. Especially since i plan to create more video content – now i have a much bigger rotation of novelty T-shirts so people won’t be like “he’s wearing the same handful of shirts in all the videos!”

 At last – the giveaway!

In the video i showed off nine Make Knight miniatures. They are all crafted in lead-free pewter and unpainted. As i mentioned earlier i’ll almost certainly never get around to taking up the paintbrush and i don’t want these awesome gifts to sit around unused.

So let’s do a giveaway!

Since there’s nine miniatures, i’ll split them up into three groupings so three different people have an opportunity to win. Here’s a list of all the miniatures in the pot, with a link to an image of each one:

For a chance to win the giveaway, fill out the contact form below. Be sure to include your email so i can get in touch with you, and write MK GIVEAWAY in the comment field. The giveaway entry will run until Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017.

Once the entries are closed, i’ll randomly select three people to each win one of three packages. Entries are time-stamped, so the earliest entry winner can choose their package first, then the second and finally the third. There is no purchase necessary to enter this giveaway. A limit of one entry is allowed per individual. Subsequent entries determined to be from the same email address or individual using multiple email addresses will be deemed ineligible.

Here are the three prize packages:

  1. Steam Golem, Skeleton, Amazon Blademistress
  2. Dwarven Berserker, Dwarven Fuser, Woodland Scout
  3. Khamsin Freelancer, Khamsin Fuser, Elven Zealot

Good luck, and if you win please share photos of your painted minis!

Entry for the MK Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. To the winners: enjoy your minis!

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