As the title of the page suggests, here you can discover my professional resume designed to impress potential employers (like yourself? Get in touch if you have a job offer someplace that is warm year-round or is in NYC).

Doug Vehovec Resume 2016-page-001

Doug Vehovec Resume 2016-page-002


This is a narrative style resume i created using Adobe InDesign CS6 in 2014.  Typically, i disseminate the standard format resume found above with chronological employment history, personal endeavors, education, references and the like.  One day, i sat down to update the thing and discovered a wealth of templates on Google Drive.  There are literally thousands of options there, more than a few of which delved into experimental territory.  Inspired by their creativity and the way in which they spoke to the specificity of their creators’ industry, i felt like it would be a worthwhile project to create my own using the design software i’m familiar with for laying out pages for print publications.  My reasoning was that, if i’m going to say i know how to use InDesign, then why not show it rather than tell.  This also gave me the opportunity to include a sampling of my writing through relating my work history, personal projects, education and so forth in the style of journalistic articles. Since creating this, my layout skills have improved dramatically and i should probably create a redux but, nevertheless, here is the original creation.

In addition to these JPEG images, there is a PDF format available here: InDesign Resume PDF

InDesign CS6 Narrative Resume page 1

InDesign CS6 Narrative Resume page 1

InDesign CS6 Narrative Resume page 2

InDesign CS6 Narrative Resume page 2

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