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The Long Shot started as a way for me to get some journalistic practice while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in that field.  Through the blog, i’ve gotten the opportunity to interview comic artists, game designers, filmmakers, radio personalities and comedians.  When i attended Gen Con 2013 i got a press pass through The Long Shot and it’s a terrific repository for the various articles i wrote for publications like The Cleveland Stater and The Cauldron.  Great communities of people like the folks who blog about DDO and comic books have become friends and colleagues.

Most of what i write is about comic books, MMO games and science-fiction (and sometimes science/technology fact).  If there is any overall theme to The Long Shot it’s right there in the subhead “where i write about stuff,” emphasis on about, with “that i like” implied.

So if you would like to write about stuff that you like and see it published, please fill out the form below and get writing!  The Long Shot is near and dear to my heart, and i would love to see it grow into a cool place featuring all sorts of different topics that people are passionate about.  Plus it’s very easy to add photos, videos, polls and things like that using WordPress so you can really spice up your work.

If you would like help copy editing your piece, please feel free to ask and i’ll be happy to do so.  A large part of my education involved copy editing and i thoroughly enjoy doing so.  In my own writing i try to adhere to AP Style except for personal conceits like my use of the lower case “i” pronoun when referring to myself and when embellishing for effect.  When copy editing i strive diligently to preserve a writer’s voice and intentions while cleaning up grammar, punctuation and the like.

One of the most important lessons i’ve learned is that, in any independent endeavor it’s very important to always be hustling, and i love using social media to grow an audience and promote work.  With any contributing writers, i will be happy to hustle your articles as well and i encourage you to do the same.  You never know who you’ll make connections with, or more importantly who will see your work.  So always be hustling!

As contributing writers emerge, i will add a page to include their bios and contact information.



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