Aerospace and aviation symposium in Mentor draws leaders from around the world – and off it completely

This story originally appeared in The News-Herald

Submitted Dr. Janet Kavandi, deputy director of NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, spoke on Oct. 1 at the Aerospace Industry Updates & Opportunities symposium hosted by the City of Mentor and the Ohio Aerospace Institute. Kavandi, a patent scientist-turned astronaut, has logged more than 33 hours in space and traveled over 13.1 million miles in 535 Earth orbits. The event was held at Noah's Event Center, 8200 Norton Pkwy., Mentor.

Dr. Janet Kavandi, deputy director of NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, spoke on Oct. 1 at the Aerospace Industry Updates & Opportunities symposium hosted by the City of Mentor and the Ohio Aerospace Institute. Kavandi, a patent scientist-turned astronaut, has logged more than 33 hours in space and traveled over 13.1 million miles in 535 Earth orbits. The event was held at Noah’s Event Center, 8200 Norton Pkwy., Mentor.

Ohio’s Aerospace Industry was the topic of a recent event in Mentor that was geared toward fostering growth both locally and across the state.

As part of the City of Mentor International Trade Initiative’s quarterly symposium series, about 75 people gathered Oct. 1 at Noah’s Event Center for Aerospace Industry Opportunities & Updates.

Hosted by a partnership between the city and the Ohio Aerospace Institute, a nonprofit advocate of aerospace research and technology development, leaders in the industry both local and global gave presentations designed to build networks, create connections and advance the state of the industry in Northeast Ohio.

“Aerospace is such a growing sector in the national economy, and internationally,” said Ronald M. Traub, director of economic and community development for Mentor. “It’s great to have experts of this caliber to speak to Mentor area businesses, and it’s value-added for our local business to take advantage of their expertise.”

One of the experts on hand, state Representative Rick Perales, R-Beavercreek, was enthusiastic in his commitment to advancing aerospace in Ohio.

“My strength, my forte, my sweet spot has been aerospace,” Perales said of his background, having served in the U.S. Air Force and as commander of the 788th Civil Engineer Squadron at Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton. “I’m here for a specific reason: getting the state more involved (in aerospace).”

As a junior representative in 2012, Perales saw a need to bring together the state’s industries, universities and government to help advance aerospace, and formed the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Committee. Comprised of three Democrats, three Republicans and 15 civilians from military, industry and academia, the committee works to identify problems and solve them.

One of those problems, Perales noted, was branding — Ohio didn’t have a strong identity for its aerospace industry, something the committee worked to correct.

“This is the Midwest, we don’t beat our chests about it, we just go out and do it,” Perales said of the region’s persona.

The symposium’s keynote speaker was Dr. Janet Kavandi, deputy director of the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

It’s a position she’s held since February. Before taking on the role, Kavandi was a patent chemist-turned-astronaut, a veteran of three space flights as a mission specialist who’s logged over 33 days in space with 535 Earth orbits.

Prior to her presentation, Kavandi spoke to The News-Herald about the Glenn Research Center’s commitment to supporting aerospace and aviation industries. At that particular research center, one of 10 NASA facilities around the country, the focus is on aircraft engines, space power and communications primarily. Work on sensor equipment there, for example, played a part in the recent announcement of NASA’s discovery of water on Mars — something “not incredibly surprising” to scientists like Kavandi, but still “really exciting.”

She also touched on her time in space, and the change in perspective that astronauts often experience.

“I appreciate a lot of the impact of humanity on the earth,” Kavandi said, “because you can see it. Things like pollution and deforestation.”

During her presentation, she also noted the incredible views from space, like looking down on Africa and seeing a lightning storm travel hundreds of miles across the relatively dark continent. She was also able to confidently answer a question about the validity of building permanent settlements on places like the moon, or Mars.

“Technically, we can do it right now,” she said. “We could have done it 20 or 30 years ago. We have the technology, it just depends how many politicians get behind it.”

Earlier presentations from industry leaders like Boeing, Parker Hannifin, McDonald Hopkins and several people from the OAI covered a broad range of topics for small businesses in the aerospace industry, from securing funding, to forming strong partnerships with larger establishment firms and potential legal hurdles and challenges businesses might face.

“There is no industry in the world in which there is more of a leader than aerospace that the U.S.,” said Michael Heil, president and CEO of OAI. “It all started right here in the state of Ohio with two brothers — Wilbur and Orville Wright. Ohio is not just No. 1 in aerospace, we’re No. 1 by a long way.”

Cleveland’s Internet2 Technology Exchange offers chance to envision, collaborate, innovate

This article originally appeared at The News-Herald and The Morning Journal

Northeast Ohio’s growing identity as a desirable place for the technology industry to thrive will be getting another upgrade when the Technology Exchange presented by Internet2 comes to the Cleveland Convention Center, Oct. 4-7.

Internet2, a global community of research, academic, industry and government leaders focused on innovative technology creation and collaboration, is bringing the conference to Cleveland in its second year with a theme of “Envision. Collaborate. Innovate.”

According to the nonprofit’s website, the Technology Exchange’s goal is providing opportunities to share expertise and advance the state of the art. Technologists, scientists, students and others will have a chance to build new connections and redefine the future of research and education in high-performance computing, virtualization, cloud services and a variety of other disciplines.

The event is hosted by a partnership between Case Western Reserve University, the Ohio Academic Resources Network and the Ohio Valley Internet2 Consortium, with additional support from OneCommunity, a Northeast Ohio nonprofit working to expand high-speed broadband access and adoption in the region.

Sue Workman, chief information officer of CWRU, cites several reasons for Cleveland being chosen as the site for this year’s Technology Exchange, including the people resource, the attractive climate for industries to settle here and OneCommunity’s 100-gigabit fiber optic network along Cleveland’s Health-Tech Corridor — the nation’s first commercially available network of its kind.

“Those kinds of things really are attractive to technical environments,” Workman said. “There’s also now several data centers popping up. The use of commercial data centers, to be able to host the kinds of infrastructure that you need is really an attraction as well.”

Focused on higher-education technology, the conference will have people from universities and institutions, as well as vendors, advanced technology demonstrations, workshops and keynote presentations from industry leaders.

Featured speakers include Susan M. Gordon, deputy director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency; Charlie Catlett, founding director of the Urban Center for Computation and Data who will speak about open data and instrumenting cities based on work with the city of Chicago; and Workman herself, presenting with radiology professor Mark Griswold.

They will cover insights about how the partnership between CWRU and Microsoft HoloLens — the first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer — is transforming learning.

“HoloLens is a holographic, mixed-reality experience, really,” Workman said.

A Community Showcase is also planned, offering an informal venue featuring topics and demos given by the community. Those wishing to utilize the venue can submit abstracts aimed primarily at innovative research, new technological breakthroughs and in-session demonstrations that provoke discussion and interaction with attendees.

Programming isn’t just limited to the Convention Center, either, like an evening reception on Oct. 5 planned at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“And right before the Tech Exchange will be the think[box] grand opening,” Workman said. CWRU’s renovated new home for the innovation center, a $30 million facility, is set to open Oct. 1. “We’re hoping to get people through to see tours of that. The Health Education Complex will have a tremendous amount of technology, and we’ll be using the HoloLens to look at ‘how do we teach differently?’ There’s a lot going on right now.”

Registration information for the Technology Exchange is found on Internet2’s website, and the community has a #TechEX15 hashtag on Twitter for keeping up-to-date with news.

Ingenuity showcases Cleveland’s transition

What’s your transition? Ingenuity evolves along with the city and community

This story originally appeared at The News-Herald and The Morning Journal

Ingenuity 1

Ingenuity Cleveland takes place Oct. 2-4 at Voinovich Park in Cleveland and features an array of music, artistic programming, performances, hands-on activities and large-scale art installations. This year’s theme is “Transition.”

Now in it’s tenth year, Ingenuity Cleveland’s mission to reinvigorate and reinterpret the city through the creative arts has evolved from it’s roots as a movable, multi-day and multi-venue festival into a yearlong programming schedule – and this year’s theme “Transition” refers not only to changes taking place within festival itself, but speaks to the region’s transition in the national culture itself.

Featured at the festival this year is a campaign called “What’s Your Transition?” that exhibits not just the festival’s story but a number of large-scale entities around town who have gone through their own transitions. The festival takes place Oct. 2-4 at Voinovich Park in Cleveland and features an array of music, artistic programming, performances, hands-on activities and large-scale art installations.

“We used to say that we animated Cleveland’s spaces through the intersection of art and technology,” said Emily Appelbaum, program director for Ingenuity. “That is definitely still true. Animated spaces with world-class programming is definitely a piece of the mission. But we’re not called upon to activate these forgotten about places in Cleveland anymore because there aren’t too many places in downtown Cleveland that are still forgotten about.

“Now we kind of think about it as taking that same idea, to activate underutilized resources and instead applying it to the artistic community itself,” she said.

Ingenuity 6

Appelbaum, a native Clevelander, is brand-new to Ingenuity, with 2015 being her first festival. She grew up in the area, and studied architecture at Yale before heading west to work at the intersection of architecture, community organizing and public art. She returned to Cleveland about a year ago, and worked with LAND studio, who helped redesign Public Square, before joining Ingenuity in the spring.

Investing in the Northeast Ohio community through a creative, rather than physical landscape, is inclusive of not only visual studio arts. On the other side of the spectrum from traditional gallery artists, Ingenuity is a showcase for builders, makers and tinkerers of all sorts. In addition, this creative landscape is inclusive of the region’s wealth of industry and manufacturing as well.

“We have a long history of making things here (in Northeast Ohio),” Appelbaum said. “We have a long history of fabricating, manufacturing and industry. Right now is the time when those activities are really in the national conversation. We’re returning manufacturing to America, but doing it in a way that’s all about creativity and innovation.

“Cleveland is extremely well situated for that.”

Ingenuity 4

In the same way the festival has grown from its roots utilizing physical spaces, Ingenuity helps to build the connections between these facets through collaboration, integrated projects and functionality.

“It’s about reinvesting in the community, and helping projects grow that will strengthen that community,” Appelbaum said.

In the spirit of collaboration, Ingenuity brings in people from all over as collaborators. This year, artists are coming from places like California, Colorado, New York and Toronto as well as nearer locations like Pennsylvania, Chicago and Toledo.

San Francisco artist Tom Franco, brother of actor James Franco, who started several community-based art spaces in the bay area, is coming to work directly with local artist Guerin Wolf. The two are working together on a large-scale installation called “Pipe Dreams,” a collaborative, community-built art project.

Ingenuity 2

Ingenuity is a nonprofit that works through corporate sponsorships, something that’s very important to the festival, according to Appelbaum.

“Rather than simply approaching corporate partners and having them slap their name on a sign, we try to build highly-specific programs that further their mission and our own,” she said. “That might be having them come out and showcase a new product in an interesting way – and by product I mean something that the artistic community will benefit from.”

One of those partners this year is HGR, a large-scale industrial surplus distributor who gets “all kinds of crazy equipment,” according to Appelbaum, one-of-a-kind pieces like what would come from an old factory. They are sponsoring a project onsite called Iron Architects, allowing people to build site-specific installations around the clock during the festival.

For those who wish to volunteer, donate or contribute, Appelbaum emphasized that there are ample opportunities.

“We raise money up until the day the festival starts,” she said. “There are still opportunities for corporate exhibitors, definitely for volunteers – we’re looking for the entire creative community to come together and build this event.

“This should be an event by the community, for the community. We’re here to facilitate and help build new collaborations, but ultimately the event should grow into what the community here wants to see it as.”

Ingenuity is free to attend. Event organizers suggest a $10 donation. The festival takes place Oct. 2-4. On Friday Oct. 2 the hours are 5 p.m. to 1 a.m, Saturday Oct. 3 noon to 1 a.m. and Sunday Oct. 4 noon to 5 p.m.

Since publication of this story on Sept. 17, ticket prices have undergone a change. VIP tickets are available that grant access to special programming, tastings and talks were at a cost of $45 or $70 for a pair. The prices have been updated, and tickets for the VIP Salon are now only $20 each. They are available through Eventbrite under the heading Ingenuity VIP (Very Ingenious Person) Experience.

Ingenuity has also created a passport that allows visitors access to the Great Lakes Science Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a discounted rate during the festival, which takes places Oct. 2-4. The cost for the passport is $30, also available through Eventbrite at Ingenuity Passport.

Workshops offer free guidance for CWRU inventors

You’ve had a eureka moment, a sudden unexpected discovery of understanding. For inventors, whether their work involves a device or process, this moment of clarity can naturally lead to moving right ahead into continued research and development.

But there is one important step that inventors of any sort should not overlook, and take early on, according to presenters at the first of a series of Intellectual Property Workshops held at CWRU on Sept. 12, Nord Hall room 356. Hosted by CWRU’s think[box] , Blackstone LaunchPad and Intellectual Property Venture Clinic, the first workshop focused on patent searches, offering tips on how to search the United States Patent & Trademark Office website. The workshops are free and open to the CWRU community.

Before the presentation began, Blackstone LaunchPad Director Bob Sopko spoke briefly to let the assembled inventors know about several upcoming competitions and resources, like the Pitch U Northeast Ohio Elevator Pitch Competition where participants have 90 seconds to pitch a business idea to a panel of investors for a change at a $2500 first place prize. Information about this and other resources is available at CWRU’s Blackstone LaunchPad website.

“A lot of people have an idea, and they’re excited and want to dive right into it,” said Bryan Gallo, a partner at Pearne & Gordon LLP who led the presentation. His advice to inventors is to do a thorough patent search beforehand. “Doing a patent search at the beginning of a project is critical, to avoid wasting time or resources. You want to play both offense and defense.”

Playing offense means ensuring that your own idea gets put into the patent process as soon as possible in order to protect yourself from getting hedged out by someone else whose work reaches patent first. Similarly, playing defense helps to avoid duplicating work that has already been done — with potential legal ramifications.

One of the keys to successful patent searching is developing a list of different terms that could describe your idea. As an example, Gallo described a client with an idea for a heating element used in refrigerator ice makers. In performing a search, one of the things he came across used the term “congealed water product” to describe ice. When asked if unusual terms like that were used to try and conceal the patent, Gallo said that it’s possible, but more often results like that come from translations from other languages. In the case of the congealed water product, the origin was a direct translation from Korean.

Following Gallo’s presentation, the group of about 50 participants split into smaller groups based on the focus of their own work: mechanical, software, electrical, chemical and biomedical. Specialists in those areas fielded questions from the groups and offered patent searching tips more specific to those disciplines.

The Intellectual Property series was organized by David Deioma, a retired attorney who specialized in international intellectual property with a 40 year career.

“I spoke up at a meeting and asked how student inventors could capture their patents,” he said. “So they put me in charge.

“The workshops are for inventors — people who have ideas and want to start a business — to help them avoid pitfalls.”

Other workshops in the series proceed in the order an inventor might follow in along in the process. These will be held in the Richey-Mixon Building, also the home of the university’s new $30 million think[box] facility.

  • Oct. 10, U.S. and foreign patents
  • Nov. 14, Funding for inventions and businesses
  • Jan. 23, Legal rights of inventors and joint inventors
  • Feb. 20, Using arbitration and mediation to resolve conflicts and the litigation process
  • Mar. 26, Trademarks and copyrights

For questions about the workshops, email Bob Sopko at

Armchair Booking: WWE Night of Champions 2015

By Long Shot contributor Tim Simko

For those who have read my articles in the past, I am a huge WWE fan. For practically my entire life, I have followed wrestling in some capacity and paid attention to most of the feuds. In addition, I have also followed independent wrestling for the past few years and on occasion converse with various wrestlers including the “Handicapped Heroes” Gregory Iron and Zach Gowen.

Night of Champions

Later this month at WWE’s Night of Champions event — which will be broadcast on Pay-Per-View and the WWE Network — Seth Rollins will defend his newly won United States Championship against former champion John Cena, while also defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against “The Icon” Sting. Rollins has already proven himself as a main eventer since winning the championship, but the upcoming Pay-Per-View event has the potential to make him an even bigger star. With that being said, I will give my opinion on what can and should be done to ensure the best outcome for all involved—and the one that can keep everybody happy.

First, Rollins will defend his United States Championship against John Cena. This will be a difficult match to book. Rollins has been booked very strong as a champion, and the WWE officials behind the scenes have avoided booking him as the typical “cowardly heel.” While he has his shortcomings, Rollins has overall been able to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Cena, on the other hand, has been booked stronger than any other wrestler in WWE history. He has far more wins than losses, and on the rare occasion that he does lose a match it is almost always due to some form of outside interference. With Rollins starting to come out as a star on his own without The Authority interfering on his behalf, it could be difficult to book Rollins in a way that makes him the victor while keeping Vince McMahon’s hand picked star strong.

What could happen is something that is incredibly rare — have Cena put Rollins over clean. A victory by Rollins without cheating or a disqualification finish would further establish him as a top face of the company for years to come, while also warming Cena up to his detractors. In recent months, Cena seems to be more willing to put over the younger stars. In the past, Cena would obliterate the young guys in the ring in order to make himself look good. A guy like Rollins would have never lasted five minutes in the ring with John Cena, but at the Summerslam event last month their match went nearly 20 minutes. Cena is an established star whether or not he holds a championship, he does not need another title reign.

Next, Sting will face off against Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In storyline, Rollins would be exhausted from facing Cena making it entirely believable that an older veteran like Sting could defeat the younger Seth Rollins one-on-one. I would continue to book Rollins strong, adding plenty of near falls and false finishes. One of the great things about WWE in recent years is that they have been bringing in stars that can electrify when given a chance to shine. At the end of the matchup, Sting should come out victorious. He can win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, exciting the many fans who never thought they would see Sting wrestle in a WWE sanctioned main event or win their world title.

But that wouldn’t be the end of the night for Sting. WWE Superstar Sheamus has the Money in the Bank contract, which grants him a championship match anytime and anywhere. Sheamus should cash in the contract and challenge the exhausted Sting. He teased it on RAW and for him to cash in would make a lot of sense. Sting would be WWE Champion for a brief time, Sheamus would win the championship and become the new poster boy for The Authority, and having Triple H begin to favor Sheamus as a champion over the former champion Seth Rollins could set the stage for the inevitable Triple H and Seth Rollins match that has been teased over the course of the past few months.

Let me know what you think of these ideas on Twitter @TimmySimko

Everykey raises ‘smart money’

College project-turned-tech startup surpasses $1M in funding

This story originally appeared at The News-Herald and The Morning Journal

An idea that sprang from the minds of Case Western Reserve students frustrated with getting locked out of their dorm rooms is now a prominent name in the emerging technology startup culture in Northeast Ohio. On Aug. 19, Everykey Inc. announced that with the closing of its seed round of funding, the company has raised $1.1 million in funding.
Everykey Inc., led by CEO Chris Wentz, offers technology that replaces keys and passwords. Wentz and his team developed the initial concept in 2013 during a class in entrepreneurship at CWRU and kept working on the project, raising $117,054 in pre-order sales through a Kickstarter in November 2014.
The Everykey wristband in one of seven available colors

The Everykey wristband in one of seven available colors

The recent funding comes from a partnership with IncWell LP II, a early-stage venture firm founded by former Chrysler Group LLC CEO Tom LaSorda. Along with angel investors like Ed Cochran and SmartShape Design CEO Mike Maczuzak, Everykey raised $720,000, as well as receiving a $195,000 grant through the state of Ohio’s GLIDE Innovation Fund, a comprehensive regional innovation center, resource hub, and business incubator located on Lorain County Community College’s campus, and North Coast Opportunities Technology Fund.
Daniel Thomas, chief communications officer at Everykey, said that the excitement level there is high on all fronts. With the investment capital they now have, they can focus on further development of their product as well as manufacturing strategies to expand the growth of the company and the product itself, exploring options beyond the current wristband model designed to be the “master key” for your phone, computer, online accounts and more. The partnership with IncWell gives them inroads with the automotive industry as well, opening avenues to potential for their device to interact with vehicles down the road.
“Be strategic with who you partner with,” Thomas said of Everykey’s business relationships, a piece of advice he offers to anyone working to establish startup companies. “Raise smart money, raise relevant money — not just money for the sake of money.
With that smart money investment, Everykey’s leaders are looking ahead to the future and are proud of their roots in the region.
“We’re really happy that we were able to make it happen here (in Northeast Ohio),” Thomas said. “The resources are all there, it’s just all about follow-through. We’re happy that we can be a leader in that aspect.”
Wentz echoed the sentiment in the company’s announcement.
“We find fulfillment in providing a necessary service to people everywhere, and it feels great to see it unfold in our backyard,” Wentz said.

RAW Results and Review 06/30/15

By Long Shot contributor Tim Simko

Last week on RAW, fans saw the unthinkable as WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins took out the returning Brock Lesnar with the help of The Authority. Kevin Owens and John Cena further promoted the third match in their feud for the United States Championship. In the aftermath of these events, and with the next WWE Pay-Per-View taking place in a few short weeks what other feuds will be furthered? Will Seth Rollins continue to have the upper hand on Brock Lesnar? Will Owens becoming the United States Champion become more of a possibility? And is there still tension within The Authority despite the collaboration last week?


Once again, it is time to get RAW.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins walked down to the ring with J&J Security to open the show. He said that last week he conquered the conqueror, Brock Lesnar.


Rollins said that Lesnar is not here tonight. He said that Lesnar is boarding a plane to Japan for the upcoming Beast in the East WWE Network special and he hopes that Lesnar is thinking about what happened last week.

Rollins told the crowd to show Jamie Noble of J&J Security respect for breaking his ribs last week. Rollins revealed a plethora of gifts for his Authority comrades for their help on last week’s RAW. After showing off their new gifts, including a brand new car for J&J Security, The Big Show made his entrance for his upcoming match as RAW went to commercial.

This was a good opening segment. Most people don’t care for the promos opening the show, but I think a promo makes a better opener than just a match. After all, a huge part of professional wrestling is telling a story.

As RAW came back from commercial, The Big Show prepared for a match against Mark Henry as The Miz sat at ringside on commentary.

The two exchanged punches before Henry hit a shoulder tackle and then a splash for two count. Big Show made a comeback and hit Henry twice with his knockout punch finisher and pinned Henry for the win.

This match was confusing as it didn’t last long at all. Both men were promoted as quality world champions just a few years ago, but their match tonight was incredibly short. It was definitely a head scratcher.

After the match, Ryback ran down to the ring and they started to brawl. Miz ran in and hit Ryback with a big boot before running to the stage. Ryback grabbed a microphone and demanded that his match with Miz scheduled for later tonight start right now.

Miz ran around the ring as Ryback chased him down. Ryback beat down Miz repeatedly. The Miz tried to escape through the crowd, but he was caught and sent shoulder first into the barricade.

The Miz managed to hit a DDT on Ryback for a two count. Ryback hit a spinebuster on Miz but Miz ran to the back and was counted out, therefore Ryback won the match.

Having a powerhouse like Ryback as the Intercontinental Champion is an interesting change, but I wish his opponents were just as believable as unstoppable forces. The Miz has become more of a comedy act with his “Hollywood” gimmick, and The Big Show is a superstar that has a lot more losses than wins.

After a commercial break, Paige and Alicia came out for a Divas matchup. Fox got the upper hand on Paige and followed it up with some punches. Paige reversed an Irish whip attempt by Fox and hit the Thesz press. Fox rolled to the floor and The Bella Twins distracted Paige while Fox hit her from behind as RAW went to commercial.

Fox hit a suplex on Paige for a two count. She then put a headlock on Paige, but when Paige fought out of it, Fox hit her with a backbreaker for a near fall. Paige reversed another Irish whip attempt and hit a series of knees to the face of Fox in the corner.

Paige hit a superkick for a close two count. Nikki Bella distracted Paige and Fox tried to take advantage and roll up Paige for a quick pin, but Paige ended up pinning Fox instead to win the match.

These divas matches have been lacking the “it” factor to draw in fans, however there are rumors that some of NXT’s best Divas will be called up to the roster. In addition, some of the names that have been rumored on the dirtsheets aren’t just models that are taught to wrestle but are legitimately passionate about wrestling. If these rumors come to fruition, it will only lead to more success for the ailing Divas division.

John Cena came out for his weekly United States Championship challenge and Cesaro answered the challenge. WWE NXT Champion Kevin Owens sat at ringside on commentary during this match.

The two men hit back and forth offense in the early part of the match. Cesaro hit a series of uppercuts, but Cena fought back with a drop kick. Cena missed a splash in the corner and Cesaro hit a stomp to the chest of Cena. Cesaro with an elbow drop off the rope for a two count as RAW went to commercial.

As RAW came back from commercial, Cesaro went for a leg submission, but Cena blocked it and hit a sidewalk slam. Cena went for the five knuckle shuffle, but Cesaro dodged it and hit a clothesline for a two count

Cesaro went for the giant swing, but Cena blocked it and hit the Springboard Stunner for a close two count. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Cesaro fought out of it and hit an uppercut for a two count. Cena locked in his STF submission hold, but Cesaro reversed it and locked in the sharpshooter. Cena made it to the ropes to break the hold.

The two men continued to hit back and forth offense as Kevin Owens began to get up from the commentary table at ringside. Owens sat back down as Cesaro hit a running uppercut on Cena.

Cena went for the AA, but Cesaro blocked it and hit the neutralizer for a close two count.

Cesaro locked in another sharpshooter, but Kevin Owens ran in and attacked Cena and Cesaro.


This was an excellent match, and even the commentators said it could easily be a match of the year candidate. Owens has easily become one of the best bad guys in the business today, perhaps only second to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. I also appreciated Cesaro’s tribute to his injured tag team partner Tyson Kidd through his pink and black trunks and the use of the sharpshooter. Class act.

The Prime Time Players and Lucha Dragons took on The New Day and Bo Dallas in an right man tag team match.

Kalisto and Xavier Woods started the match off, Kalisto hit an arm drag then tagged in Sin Cara, who hit a springboard senton on Woods. Woods tripped Sin Cara and then tagged in Bo Dallas. Cara tripped him, and then focused on Dallas’ left arm and tagged in Darren Young. Young hit a splash on Dallas then tagged in Titus O’Neil, who hit a slam on Dallas. Kalisto tagged in, and continued the offense on Dallas.

Dallas began to fight back and hit a clothesline for a two count. Kalisto tagged in Young, who hit a clothesline on Dallas. Young hits a back breaker on Dallas as RAW went to commercial.

As RAW came back from commercial, Sin Cara hit a series of high flying moves on Big E. Young got the tag and hit a splash on Big E for a two count. Big E sent Young to the floor and Dallas hit him with a clothesline then sent him back into the ring. O’Neil got the tag and hit a clothesline on Kofi Kingston.

The New Day made the save, and it became chaotic in the ring as both teams began to clash. After the commotion, Titus caught Kofi Kingston and hit a powerbomb for the win.


The tag team division has many teams with a lot of potential, but the crowd was dead for most of this match. Between the creative team and the talent themselves, they need to find out what makes the audience tick and apply it to these tag team matches. WWE has the talent pool for this division, they just need to find a way to utilize it to the best of their ability.

Dolph Ziggler walked down to the ring with Lana and cut a promo about how he and Lana are now a couple. Lana said that Rusev told her everything to do, but now she is her own person. Rusev walked to the ring with Summer Rae. Rusev and Ziggler traded insults back and forth. Summer Rae told Lana that she is a two-faced phony, and then slapped Lana.

Lana proceeded to attack her and a cat fight broke out. Summer Rae and Rusev walked to the back while Lana and Ziggler stood in the ring.

There have been rumors that Ziggler may not renew his WWE contract when it expires in a few months. With a storyline like this, it seems more likely that Ziggler may take the opportunity to leave and work for other wrestling promotions. Love triangle stories only seem to work when there is an element of realism to it, such as Matt Hardy’s feud with Edge 11 years ago.

Also, I hate when people say wrestling is fake, but that catfight was fake. I love when a fight looks genuine, there are so many ways that the talent can throw punches or slaps without connecting. Perhaps it is the old soul in me, but watching this made me miss the days of true catfights in ECW between Francine and Beulah McGillicutty,

Neville and Sheamus came out for their match. Sheamus hit a series of right hands to take control. Neville ducked a clothesline attempt and sent Sheamus out to the floor as RAW went to commercial.

As RAW came back from commercial, Sheamus hit a suplex for a two count. Sheamus and Neville continued to hit back and forth offense.

Neville went for his Red Arrow finisher, but Sheamus kicked him off the ropes. Sheamus missed the Brogue kick and Neville rolled up Sheamus for a two count. Sheamus then hit the Brogue kick for the win.

The match overall was a good match, and it was one that was worth watching. It wasn’t a match of the year candidate by any means, but watching an unstoppable brute go up against a speedy athlete like Neville makes for an interesting bout.

The team of Seth Rollins and Kane came out followed by the team of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns for their no disqualification tag team main event match.

The match began with an all out brawl between the two teams. Amid the chaos, Rollins sent Ambrose into the barricade as RAW went to commercial.

The chaos calmed down as RAW came back from commercial. Rollins missed a splash in the corner, but ended up tagging in Kane. Reigns hit a big boot to Kane then a clothesline off the middle rope. Ambrose got the tag and beat up Rollins. Ambrose hit a bulldog on Rollins then drop kicked Kane off the apron. Ambrose sent Rollins to the floor, and hit Rollins and Kane with an elbow drop.

Ambrose grabbed a table from under the ring, but Rollins hit Ambrose with a super kick. Reigns attacked Rollins and then hit a powerbomb.

Reigns hit Kane with a clothesline. Mercury tried to hit Reigns with a kendo stick, but Reigns stopped him and hit him with it. He also started hitting Kane with it. Reigns hit the Superman Punch to Kane then Rollins.

Reigns called for the spear, but then Bray Wyatt showed up and started attacking Reigns. Wyatt threw Reigns into the steel steps, then chokeslammed him on the announce table.

Kane went for a chokeslam on Ambrose, but Ambrose blocked it and hit a clothesline. Rollins attacked him from behind, Kane hit a chokeslam on Ambrose and then Rollins hit a pedigree for the pin and the win.

After the match, Rollins was about to put Ambrose through a table, but Roman Reigns ran into the ring to make the save. Kane caught him and hit a chokeslam to Reigns.

Reigns tried to make a comeback, but the numbers game caught up to him. The Authority beat down Reigns and then Rollins powerbombed him through a table. Rollins hit another pedigree. Bray Wyatt then re-entered the ring to hit Sister Abgail on Reigns to end the show.


  • I am excited for the WWE Network special, Beast in the East. However, I will likely not do a review of it as it takes place at 5:30 a.m. and I have work this weekend. I still encourage any and all wrestling fans to watch replays of it on the WWE Network.
  • With The Authority back together, it is only a matter of time before they start to show the cracks once again. Despite the reunion, a break up is inevitable and the tension has already been teased multiple times.
  • Dolph Ziggler is one of the best performers on the roster, yet he is involved in a love triangle angle that fans can’t really connect with. This is a man who was the sole survivor of the traditional Survivor Series tag team match a year ago, and now he is feuding with a man who can barely walk at the moment.
  • Kevin Owens is so good at being bad. He defends his NXT Championship against Finn Balor at the upcoming Beast in the East special, and I believe that if he loses that match he will end up beating Cena for the United States Championship. He is supported by the powers that be, the fans connect to his character, and he even has endorsements from the likes of Mick Foley.
  • Brock Lesnar against Seth Rollins will be an interesting contest to watch. We saw them compete in a triple threat match at the Royal Rumble where Rollins held his own, however in a one-on-one match I am curious to see how their two styles will meld. WWE likes to promote “cowardly heels” that weasel their way to a victory, however, Rollins can use dirty tactics to win without looking like a coward.